UK: Woman Tricks Short-Sighted Woman Into “Heterosexual” Relationship, Faces 17 Charges

Georgia Bilham, 21

Sorry, what?

I don’t think I understand what is going on here.

New York Post:

A UK woman accused of posing as a man to trick a female teen into having a sexual relationship said she got trapped in a “web of lies” – but denied stuffing socks inside her boxer shorts to mimic a penis and claimed the alleged victim knew she was a woman.

Georgia Bilham, 21, told the Chester Crown Court on Monday that she created a male alter ego called “George” as “an escape” from her unhappy life, but said she did not derive any sexual gratification from the encounters with the nearsighted teen.

“You knew she was not going to be sexually attracted to you as Georgia Bilham?” prosecutor Anna Pope asked her, the BBC reported.

“I can’t answer that,” Bilham replied.

When Pope said the two women had sex based on the alleged catfishing victim’s belief she was with a man, Bilham testified that she believed her partner knew she was a female.

Why didn’t you just say you are a female with a different name?” Pope said.

Because I was caught in a web of lies,” Bilham replied, adding that she did not get a “buzz” from allegedly duping the teen, who is not being named for legal reasons.

The suspect is charged with masquerading as a man to deceive the visually impaired 19-year-old into a same-sex relationship by forcing her to remove her glasses before sex.

She has denied 17 counts, including sexual assault and assault by penetration

On Monday, Bilham also denied wearing boxer shorts stuffed with socks to mimic a penis, the Daily Mail reported.

On Aug. 20, 2021, she sent her mother a message after her partner questioned her real identity, writing that she would “never go near a girl — I wouldn’t have had the boxers, none of it,” according to the outlet.

Bilham reportedly told her mom: “The boxers and socks, you already know the truth behind that. I just didn’t know how to break it off without being questioned.”

The alleged victim told investigators she felt “some sort of willy figure” in Bilham’s groin area when their bodies were touching, but the suspect testified Monday, “I don’t know what she felt because there was nothing down my pants,” the Daily Mail reported.


Read it three times, still do not understand.