Ukie Madmen Just Driving Leopard Tanks and Other Heavy Equipment Into the Line to Get Blown Up

The Ukraine’s spring counteroffensive has apparently begun, and has thus far consisted of “probing” attacks involving a lot of NATO equipment.

These probes are somewhat standard for Slavic warfare, but it is incredible that they are sending their new NATO equipment, including the much-ballyhooed German Leopard tanks, to just get blown up for what seems like no reason at all.

Frankly, I’m just confused.

This looks terrible.

These people whined for months, demanding these Leopard tanks, and then when they get them they immediately send entire lines of them to just get blown up?

They’re bound to gain some territory, I would think, just due to the sheer amount of equipment and bodies they are throwing at the line, but what is the point of gaining non-strategic territory at the expense of all your equipment and however many of your soldiers?

It seems to be assumed that they are also planning a major attack against Belgorod, which is pre-war Russia. I guess that is for the psychological effect? They are not going to hold territory inside of Russia. That just won’t be allowed.

The Leopards were the prize of the hohols. If you look at the hardcore Ukie war-supporter accounts, they all have the leopard and cat paw emojis everywhere.

These people’s psyches must be totally collapsing, watching Russia pop these tanks like it’s nothing.

What is the psychological effect for the Germans who are seeing columns of their tanks – bearing the Iron Cross – get blown up by the Russians? I would have to assume that would involve some very complicated emotions.

This shameful display by the hohols is likely going to create a major push in Germany to stop sending deadly equipment, and only agree to send nonlethal material.

Again, we have to remember that this “counteroffensive” is a publicity stunt, staged for political purposes. The West is demanding that the Ukrainians do something with all of these weapons they’ve sent them. So they announced it months beforehand, for media relations purposes, and gave the Russians that long to figure out their strategy and the response to it.

The Russians are saying that 200 heavy vehicles, including however many Leopards, were destroyed. Lukashenko says they blew the dam as a distraction so people wouldn’t be paying attention when they slammed their pristine NATO trucks into an explosion zone.

I really do not like these anal freaks – the Jewish neo-Nazis – of the Ukraine, and yet I feel personally embarrassed for them, watching this.

Sending your best equipment directly into the enemy line – through an open field – without any air defense is just the wackiest thing I’ve seen.

The Ukrainians have been losing since this conflict began. They have had zero meaningful victories. Half the country’s population has fled or died. They’ve had a lot of success in pushing a media narrative that they are on a years-long march to victory, but surely, that is going to start cracking.

You’re hearing more talk of a deal. Of course, you’re hearing less of that talk from the Russians, who are now saying they’re going to destroy the Kiev regime completely.

The other thing you’re hearing, however, is that it’s time for NATO to commit.

See: Former NATO Chief Says NATO Should Send Troops Into the Ukraine!

That will mean a world war, basically.

We’re being told this is about forcing the people of the Donbass to live under a Kiev government they do not want to live under, because that is the meaning of democracy – forcing people to do things against their will. And that is backed up by all of this gay propaganda.

Are people really prepared for a world war for these reasons?

I suppose most Fatmericans are. These people are fat retards who have no idea what is even going on. They can’t understand cause and effect, or the basic concept that actions have consequences.

But what about the Europeans?

What about the Germans?

Are they ready to play this game?