Ukraine Can Actually Defeat Russia, Retired 4-Star US Army General Says

Retired four-star US army Gen. Jack “The Dreamer” Keane 

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It’s easy if you try
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Above us only Jews
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You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the Ukraine will take Moscow

New York Post:

Retired four-star US army Gen. Jack Keane said Sunday he believes Ukrainians have a good chance of defeating Russia — while claiming the White House has been encouraging Ukraine to “make a deal’’ with Moscow to end the war.

Ukrainians [can] actually … win,” said Keane, speaking on John Catsimatidis’s WABC radio show.

But “I think we’re very much at war. It’s going to continue for some time,” he said.

Keane added that an “excellent source” told him President Biden’s administration has been encouraging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to “make a deal” with the Russians, which he called “shameful.” His claim has not been independently verified.

“The Russians have been fought to a standstill by the Ukrainian military. They are actually conducting limited counterattacks and taking territory back. The [Russian] ground attack has stalled. They still haven’t taken a major city,” he said, assessing the Russians’ current military position.

He suggested that the US and NATO adopt the mindset that Ukraine can beat the Russians and support them in their fight.

This is just some lollipop kids gibberish. I can’t even believe it’s happening.

It’s worse than Neil Ferguson’s doom charts. The idea of a global deadly viral pandemic probably isn’t really possible. You don’t have to deny viruses to say that. As many people have said over and over again, if a virus were actually deadly, it would kill people before it had time to spread. People would get really sick and then stay home and either get better or die, and there just wouldn’t be an ability for rapid or widespread transmission. The logistics just don’t make any sense. The black plague for example was a deadly pandemic, but it was being spread constantly by fleas on rats. (The Bubonic Plague is also a bacteria, not a secret invisible virus that is exactly the same as the flu.)

But at least we had all these movies about virus pandemics, and this history of learning about the threat of deadly viruses.

What is the comparison to “Ukraine beating Russia”? The Avengers beating Thanos?

What the hell even is this? Russia is literally a superpower. Most people assume that the United States could beat Russia in a war, but that is not a certainty, and a conventional war between US and Russia would be a long, protracted conflict that would last years.

But the poorest country in Europe, which has only had an army for 8 years, is going to defeat Russia? It’s just a blatant, outrageous lie that no serious person would ever believe, and yet the media is feeding this to us.

I argue that it is only possible for people to believe something so clearly nonsensical because of the programming they went through during the coronavirus hoax, where facts didn’t matter and the only thing you were allowed to do was believe everything the authorities said without question or you were punished.

A Faggot? No…?

I just assumed Jack Keane was a homosexual because he’s a career military man who looks like a homosexual. I have nothing against career military men who choose not to get married, but in the modern age, it’s the same thing with the modern Catholic priesthood, which some traditional Catholics argue is now 70% homo.

I assume all these old boomer generals are fags.

But no.

What the darn heck?

Keane was 75 in 2016, and he decided to marry a 45-year-old negress.

It’s frankly bizarre for any man in his 70s to get married, unless he’s a true ride or die nigga and he wants to marry a young girl to produce a second round of children before he dies. People can argue about the morality of a man that age having kids that he won’t really be able to be a father figure for, but if he’s got money, I don’t think it’s necessarily morally wrong.

But any man who marries any woman who is past the age of fertility is deranged in some way. The purpose of marriage is children. Period.

Also, marrying a black woman is bizarre in any situation, though I guess I understand men who can’t get anything else settling for that in the modern age.