Ultra-Thunbergism: Meat to Soon be Outlawed in the Jewnited Kikedom

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2019

Michael Mansfield QC does not look like someone I would take health advice from. Or any advice from, in fact, other than maybe something to do with where to find the cheapest prostitutes in the area (and probably how to dispose of her body if the party goes south). 

You may not want to fuck Greta Thunberg, but she is your wife now.

And your mommy.

And she makes the rules.

The Sun:

Eating meat could be outlawed, a radical barrister has said.

Michael Mansfield QC is calling for a new law to criminalise the “wilful destruction of nature”.

The 77-year-old, whose clients included the Stephen Lawrence family and the Guildford Four, claimed livestock farming is destroying the planet.

He said of meat-eating: “It is not preposterous to think one day it will become illegal.

“There are plenty of things once commonplace that are now illegal.”

He is leading a “Vegan Now” campaign at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Experts claim the world’s top three meat firms emit more greenhouse gases each year than all of France.

Mr Mansfield said: “It is time for a new law on ‘ecocide’ to go alongside genocide and the other crimes against humanity.”

A panel of experts will debate the effects of livestock farming on global biodiversity and climate change.

Juliet Gellatley, of vegan charity Viva!, said: “Thirty years ago people didn’t bat an eyelid if you lit a cigarette in a pub or restaurant.

“But now society accepts smoking is harmful and so we legislated against it. The same could happen with eating meat.”

If you want a vision of the future, imagine Greta Thunberg’s retarded face staring disapprovingly at you – forever.

While you eat maggots and try and figure out how to make your $1,340/mo payment on a sports car that you do not even want or think is cool and which actually, pretty much, just looks like a $15,000 Honda Civic.

This is all just

It’s just


What it is is stacked levels of bullshit.

Here are a few facts, roughly in order from most important to least important:

  1. The biggest threat to the environment is plastic.
  2. The human race is being mutated by exposure to plastic.
  3. The second biggest threat to the environment is black people and their birthrate.
  4. Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is not real, it is a complete hoax, faked for the purpose of implementing an insane Jewish-Globalist agenda that involves you eating maggots and buying a $90,000 sports car while you do not breed and instead subsidize the breeding of black people and Indians.
  5. If you actually believed AGW was real, the only thing you would ever be talking about, ever, is the importance of building nuclear power plants and lowering the population of the third world.
  6. Long-term veganism shrinks your brain, reduces testosterone in men, makes women less fertile and causes pretty much every other possible health problem you could imagine. We have studies on this, it isn’t a secret, it isn’t controversial, these people are simply lying.
  7. Carbon dioxide is not actually a pollutant, and while it is being treated as a pollutant, actual pollutants are remaining unaddressed, almost completely. These include: plastics, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, other petrochemicals.
  8. Deforestation and water pollution are real problems.
  9. All of these globalist organizations (UN, IMF, World Bank, the entire NGO system, etc.) are not doing anything to attempt to prevent deforestation and water pollution in third world countries.
  10. We don’t really understand the long term effects of Monsanto’s genetically engineered foods, and we should be studying that instead of faking AGW data.
  11. Electromagnetic pollution is probably a real problem and money should be put into studying it instead of producing more fake AGW charts.
  12. White people are the least polluting people on earth and the only people who actually care about saving the planet.
  13. Permaculture exists, it works and it could be implemented effectively if you had a completely different social order and did not have all of these brown people running around everywhere.
  14. We have the resources to solve every real environmental problem that exists, and a big part of why AGW is promoted as the only real environmental problem is that it is fundamentally unsolvable, thus an infinite list of needed solutions can be presented. These people promoting this hoax are priests of an angry god you cannot speak with, and only they can tell you what it wants.

And we can go on.

And I will go on.

But while we are going on like this, a lunatic mob is out in the streets, promoting an idiotic doomsday cult with an insane fervor. And their goal is to stop the weather from changing with global government, open borders, meat bans, eating maggots, abortion for whites and ugly $90,000 sports cars.

Their leader is an angry retarded girl who is beyond criticism and has placed herself above God Himself.

This is why poor people should have been forced to obey GOD AND HIS PRIESTS instead of being given democratic rights.

Giving the peasants and the proletariat the right to have beliefs always leads to them being entirely controlled by Jews.

Please read Notes on Democracy by Saint Mencken.

In fact, I think I’m going to start publishing H.L. Mencken essays, serially. They have to be in the public domain at this point. They’re on Archive.org, but they’re useless PDF scans.

We need good copies easily accessible online. They are more relevant now than anything that is being published now by a massive margin. The Daily Stormer is a good place for them. And I know as an absolute fact of reality, he would want me to put them here, may God have mercy on his evil black heart.