Switzerland: Thousands March Against 5G Cellphone Technology

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2019

I’ve been told that anyone who questions 5G is a kook.

But the Swiss aren’t known for being kooks.

Or maybe they are, I don’t know – but this seems reasonable enough.

And “thousands” is a big number. It’s hard to find thousands of kooks outside of an American right-wing conference.


Thousands of people protested in the Swiss capital Bern Saturday over the roll-out of a 5G wireless technology across the country, which they fear could damage people’s health.

The protesters, many carrying placards, gathered in front of the Swiss parliament building, in a bid to stop the construction of more 5G-compatible antennae.

“The fact that so many people turned out today is a strong sign against the uncontrolled introduction of 5G,” said Tamlin Schibler Ulmann, co-president of Frequencia, the group that organised the rally.

The tiny principality of Monaco became the first country in Europe to inaugurate a 5G mobile phone network in July based on technology from Chinese firm Huawei, which is seen by the US as a major security risk.

But critics in Switzerland argue that the electromagnetic radiation the new system emits poses unprecedented health and environmental risks compared to previous generations of mobile technology.

Online petitions have helped persuade several Swiss cantons — in Geneva, Vaud, Fribourg and Neuchatel — to postpone the construction of antennae as a precaution.

The Swiss Federation of Doctors (FMH) has also argued for a cautious approach to the new technology.

Opponents of the new technology are trying to gather the 100,000 signatures they need to force a referendum on imposing a moratorium on the technology until its risks can be properly assessed.

Basically, I think there probably are some pretty serious concerns about how this could effect the nervous system, the brain and the general health of the population, and that these concerns are being completely dismissed.

A big part of this is that there are two major conspiracy theories being associated with 5G:

  1. That it is a government plot to use electromagnetic waves to control people’s brains
  2. That it is a plot by the Chinese to spy on people

People hear those stupid kook theories, then they just don’t want to hear anything else, as they think anyone talking about potential problems with this technology must be a kook.

But the fact is, there isn’t enough research. We don’t know about this technology. Some of the research indicates there could be problems. And we don’t really even know what problem we’re solving here. I live in a third world country and my LTE internet is as fast as I believe is necessary.

And we still don’t really know the effects of current cellphone technology.

It doesn’t appear to be causing cancer, as was wondered about. But it could be contributing to male infertility. And it could be causing depression and general psychological or even physical fatigue. There are already very powerful electromagnetic waves surrounding us at all hours of the day, kids, and I don’t think saying “maybe we should think about this, possibly do a bit more research” makes someone a kook.

As part of the nervous system, the brain is effectively an electromagnetic organ.

Personally, although I’m obviously a major promoter of the internet itself, I’m not really seeing much benefit from wireless technology socially, culturally or personally. And the negatives in all of these spheres vastly outweigh the positives, from what I’ve seen.

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Are we able to imagine a world where we have the current level of internet on our home computers, but still have to use a payphone if we want to contact someone when we’re outside of our home?

And the only access to the internet outside of our homes and workplace is in public internet cafes?

Can anyone make any argument whatsoever as to how such a world would not be better than the one we have right now?

And that is without even going into any of these questions about health, which as I say, I think are very valid.

The problem with our society is that we do not have any values, or belief about the nature of man other than that his purpose is to make money and entertain himself. All consumer technology makes money by allowing people to entertain themselves, so we are told we must assume that all consumer technology is good.

And the response to a lot of people is to go full Luddite and start talking about bringing down the entire system.

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But if you had a science and data drive society, where studies were done to answer obvious questions, and the state and industry was then built along those lines, all would be well.

Right now, we have all of these supposed ideologies, all of which simply boil down to money and pleasure, nothing to do with sustainability, long term individual human contentment, the protection of future generations or indeed man’s search for meaning.

We should do away with ideologies completely, and simply return to the data, and we will do fine. Ideologies are invented by Jews, governments and charlatans and sold to and promoted by stupid, gullible people.

On the issue of cellphone technology, why not simply ask:

  1. Are cellphones benefiting the overall health of society (communities, families, relationships, the wellbeing of the individual)? If so, how? What data do we have to support that?
  2. Are cellphones harming the overall health of society (communities, families, relationships, the wellbeing of the individual)? If so, how? What data do we have to support that?

And then regulate the industry based on the data that exists?

Of course, we know why. It’s a rhetorical question.

But it’s an important rhetorical question.

Right wing movements are inexplicably drawn to ideology (often but not always linked to religion or some other form of sentimentalism), whether it be forms of libertarianism or socialism, or whichever other thing, and what you all need to understand is that this is all literally just bullshit designed to distract and confuse you. Ideology is a hoax and identifying with an ideology makes you a buffoon and a fool to anyone who understands that ideology is a hoax.

What we should be promoting and what we should be demanding is a society based on science and data, which works for the general wellbeing of the people. Yes, people have in times past referred to this as “national socialism,” but unfortunately, that term now has much too much baggage and is associated not only with negativity but also weird, stupid ideologies that have been built up around it (and which were even being built up around it during the 1930s).

So let’s just say “let’s look at the data.”