UN Agency Says Famine in Northern Gaza is “Imminent”

If you thought bombing tens of thousands of children to death was harsh, wait until you see hundreds of thousands of children starving to death.

You’re going to have a really hard time forcing yourself to remember that this is all morally justified because Adolf Hitler turned 60 trillion Jews into a pile of shoes in the 1940s.

But you have to force yourself to remember that, or else the Jews will destroy your life.

The Hill:

The United Nations’s food agency warned famine is “imminent” in part of Gaza as Israel continues to target the region.

The World Food Programme (WFP) said a new report found famine “is imminent in the northern part of the Gaza Strip” with the entire population facing crisis levels of food insecurity. In Gaza’s two northern governorates, which include about 300,000 people, famine is expected to arrive between now and May.

The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) report found about half the population in Gaza, about 1.1 million people, have exhausted all of their food supplies and are facing “catastrophic hunger” and starvation.

“People in Gaza are starving to death right now. The speed at which this man-made hunger and malnutrition crisis has ripped through Gaza is terrifying,” said WFP Executive Director Cindy McCain.

“There is a very small window left to prevent an outright famine and to do that we need immediate and full access to the north. If we wait until famine has been declared, it’s too late. Thousands more will be dead,” she said.

President Biden announced earlier this month that the U.S. would build a temporary port along the coast of Gaza to help bring in humanitarian aid, but the construction could still take about two months.

The agency estimated about 300 aid trucks are needed to pass into Gaza every day to address the growing needs, but it added only nine convoys have been allowed to enter the region since the start of the year.

Brandon and the UN can say whatever they want about aid. Aid is not being delivered, and if there is any aid spot, it gets ambushed by the Jews.

Jews will literally open fire with .50 cal machine guns on starving people waiting in line for flour and then tell you they have a moral right to do that because of the Holocaust. Then Joe Biden, alleged president of America, will agree with them.

The Jews are eventually going to have to be made to pay for these crimes as well as many others. Either that, or all life on earth will be destroyed by them.

These are the people who tell your kids to hate themselves because their ancestors hundreds of years ago killed injuns and enslaved blacks