UN Says There’s a Genocide in Gaza as Israel Plans Ground Invasion

In America, you can lose the ability to work for the rest of your life if you’re against the hospital-bombing Jews.

However, the UN is saying it’s a genocide in Gaza.

Weird dynamics going on here.

Basically, the world can’t deny what is going on in Gaza. But the Americans can. Because the Americans can do and say whatever they want. They’re Jewish.


Israel is engaged in a systematic campaign of crimes against humanity against Palestinians in Gaza, United Nations human rights experts warned in a statement published on Thursday, citing Tuesday’s deadly airstrikes that targeted a hospital and several refugee shelters as evidence Israeli officials were seeking to wipe out the entire Palestinian population.


Yeah, that’s what it looks like they’re doing.

Considering statements made by Israeli political leaders and their allies, accompanied by military action in Gaza and escalation of arrests and killing in the West Bank, there is also a risk of genocide against the Palestine people,” the experts, who are members of the UN Human Rights Council’s independent Special Procedures body, explained.

Israel has violated international humanitarian and criminal law in cutting off drinking water, medicine, and food to Gaza, they continued, pointing out that the UN Security Council has repeatedly condemned the starvation of civilians as a method of warfare. Meanwhile, they said, the ongoing and calculated destruction of civilian homes and infrastructure constitutes “domicide.”

The group specifically referenced Tuesday’s airstrike on Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, which killed over 470 civilians and left hundreds more trapped under the rubble, as an “atrocity,” as well as a strike that same day on a school run by the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA inside the al-Maghazi refugee camp that killed at least six people and injured dozens more. Israel was fully aware of the civilian nature of both facilities, having twice threatened the hospital with attack if those inside were not evacuated, and received the coordinates of the school from UNRWA daily. 

The Israel Defense Forces have denied responsibility for the hospital strike, claiming to have proof it was the result of a failed rocket launch by Islamic Jihad.

Jews also claim to have proof of Hitler’s rollercoasters of death and the Wall of Eyes.

Jewish “proof” is a very delicate matter.

Two other densely-populated refugee camps were also hit on Tuesday, even as the number of Palestinians internally displaced in Gaza has risen to around 1 million. The UN experts specifically called for humanitarian workers to be protected, quoting the World Health Organization’s claim that healthcare services in Gaza have been attacked over 136 times since Israel declared war on Hamas earlier this month and at least 16 health workers have been killed.

Denouncing the international community’s “appalling” failure to act or even speak out strongly against the most intense bombing campaign Israel has inflicted on Gaza in its history, which has compounded the devastation wrought by its 16-year blockade of the territory, the group demanded an immediate ceasefire, full access to food, water, fuel, electricity, medicine, and shelter, and “reparation, restitution, and reconstruction, towards full justice for Palestinians.”


That’s not happening.

In fact, the US is currently saying they’re helping the Jews plan a full ground invasion of Gaza. They say it’s going to “inflame the whole Middle East,” but they don’t care. They’re planning to just have a war with everyone, forever. (They have a lot of aircraft carriers, you know.)


The US is exerting unprecedented influence over Israel’s plans for a ground campaign against Hamas in Gaza, fearing that a massive attack could result in other regional actors joining the conflict, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing sources.

According to the news outlet, while early into the conflict, Israel promised “coordinated strikes from the air, sea and land” on Hamas; its military later indicated that the ground operation “might be something different from what you think.”

Bloomberg notes that this change in tone came after an unprecedented string of visits to Israel by high-ranking US officials, including President Joe Biden himself.

According to three unnamed senior Israeli officials interviewed by the news agency, the role and influence of the US in the Israel-Hamas conflict are “deeper and more intense than any exerted by Washington in the past.”

While the US reportedly wants to see Hamas’ military infrastructure in Gaza destroyed, it seeks to limit civilian casualties in the Palestinian enclave, which is home to over two million Palestinians. In addition, Washington is concerned that Israel’s ground campaign could draw Hezbollah into the conflict; the Lebanon-based Islamist militant group maintains close ties to Iran, the report noted.

This could potentially open a second front in the conflict, which could throw the entire region into turmoil and derail the White House’s efforts to stabilize the Middle East by promoting peace between Israel and Arab countries, the article says.


Meanwhile, on Thursday, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant met with his country’s service members stationed near Gaza, telling them to “get organized, be ready” for the offensive. “Whoever sees Gaza from afar now, will see it from the inside,” he said.

According to the latest official data, the fighting has claimed the lives of more than 3,800 Palestinians and 1,400 Israelis.

So we’re way past 2-1.

Jews want it to be 100-1, at least.

They literally view Palestinians as lower than insects.

And I keep trying to tell you people: we are all Palestinians to them.

There is nothing the Jews would do to the Palestinians they wouldn’t do to you.

That’s why it’s just an obvious fact that if you’re not Jewish, you back Palestine.