Jew Lunatic Yellen Admits to Eating Psychedelic Mushrooms in China

What a weird story…


US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told CNN on Monday that she inadvertently ate hallucinogenic mushrooms while on a recent trip to China, but suffered no ill effects.

Yellen caused a brief stir on Chinese social media in July, when a local blogger revealed that she had consumed the wild and potentially psychedelic mushroom jian shou qing at a Yunnanese restaurant chain in Beijing.

“Our staff said she loved mushrooms very much,” the restaurant commented, noting that after eating four helpings, Yellen surely had “an extremely magical day.”

“I was not aware that these mushrooms had hallucinogenic properties,” Yellen told CNN’s Erin Burnett, adding that she “learned that later.” The Treasury chief said that a guide “did the ordering” for her group.

Assuming this happened, and the Chinese media reported it, why didn’t she just deny it?

Is she trying to seem cool?

We all learned this in the Lord of the Rings: gnomes can never be cool.