US Officials Say Russia to Hoax False Flag Staged Atrocity Video

US officials have identified this man as the Russian mastermind behind the Ukrainian false flag plot – Ivan Lanzsky.

A fake atrocity video?

Like the neo-Nazis said the CIA did in Syria? When there was an alleged gassing and bearded men were protecting themselves with cloth coronavirus masks?

I thought a fake video was impossible?

This report is really, really specific.

The Guardian:

US officials claim they have evidence of a Russian plan to make a “very graphic” fake video of a Ukrainian attack as a pretext for an invasion.

The alleged plot would involve using corpses, footage of blown-up buildings, fake Ukrainian military hardware, Turkish-made drones and actors playing the part of Russian-speaking mourners.

“We don’t know definitively that this is the route they are going to take, but we know that this is an option under consideration,” the deputy national security adviser, Jonathan Finer, told MSNBC, adding that the video “would involve actors playing mourners for people who are killed in an event that they would have created themselves”.

Finer added: “That would involve the deployment of corpses to represent bodies purportedly killed, of people purportedly killed in an incident like this.”

“This is going to be Sandy Hook on steroids,” Jewish Finer added, saying, “trust me – I’m Jewish.”

No, just joking. He didn’t say that. He should have said that. I’d have more respect.

The Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, said the video would have purported to show a Ukrainian attack on Russian territory or Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine and would be “very graphic”. He added that the US believed that the plan had the backing of the Kremlin.

“Our experience is that very little of this nature is not approved at the highest levels of the Russian government,” Kirby said.

US officials said the video would show Turkish-made Bayraktar drones taking part in the fabricated attack as a way of implicating Nato.

The claims are being made in the midst of a war of nerves between Russia and the US and its allies, in which diplomatic exchanges and intelligence briefings are playing out alongside a relentless Russian military buildup around Ukraine’s borders, and US and allied threats of devastating punitive economic measures if an attack goes ahead.

Administration officials said the plan was to use the video as evidence of Ukrainian “genocide” against Russian speakers to justify Russian military intervention. By going public, the US hoped to stall or slow down Moscow’s plans.

Of course, this is all very strange.

I don’t really even… why is this report so detailed? Intelligence is supposed to be secret, no?

Obviously, the US could just do an actual mass killing to trigger an invasion and then say it was a fake video.

It’s the reverse hoax.

I joke about Sandy Hook. I would never outright claim that was a completely staged hoax, even though it obviously was.

But with the Syria thing – the UN actually sent people in and they found that no gassing had occurred and that it was a staged video.

It’s not just me saying this. The UN inspectors said it, after both Putin and Assad said it. Assad called it “a play.”

But the American media literally claimed that it would be impossible for a stage-managed hoax to be filmed by US intelligence agencies and then posted on the internet as an excuse for a bombing.

But now they’re saying the Russians are going to do exactly that.

It’s always just so dumb and annoying. It’s like when they said Trump stole the election then said that election theft was impossible. Then immediately claimed Belarus stole an election – done with paper ballots that they offered to show to anyone who wanted to audit them.

This goofy nonsense just never ends.

But yeah – a massacre in the Ukraine would trigger a Russian invasion, so if I had to guess, the US is planning to do that, then they’re going to say Russia faked it.