South Africa Asks World Court to Stop Jews from Murdering Everyone in Rafah

The problem with the ICJ is that this is just a proxy of the US government.

The US government is the most powerful entity in the world, and there is no reason they would ever surrender power to an international body.

The best case scenario is that this creates bad optics for Israel, but Israel already has the worst optics ever. So this is sort of just a pointless jerk-off.

The Guardian:

South Africa has asked the international court of justice (ICJ) to urgently order Israel to end its assault on Rafah, halt its military campaign across Gaza, and allow international investigators and journalists into the territory.

In a court hearing, lawyers for South Africa expanded a written request for judges to issue an emergency order to stop the offensive into Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city.

They argued that seven months into the war, which has killed more than 35,000 people and reduced much of Gaza to rubble, the scale of suffering was now so intense that a total ceasefire was needed to get food, medicine and other aid to its desperate population.

Prof Vaughan Lowe KC told the court that a destructive campaign in Rafah, the last corner of Gaza that has not faced a ground invasion by Israeli forces, would destroy “the foundation of Palestinian life” in the territory.

“If the court does not act now the possibility of rebuilding a viable Palestinian society in Gaza will be destroyed, at least for the lifetime of those who survive the current horrors of Gaza.”

South Africa also demanded access for reporters and war crimes investigators to Gaza, to collect and preserve evidence of potential war crimes.

“The details are not always easy to verify because Israel continues to bar independent investigators and journalists from entering Gaza, and over 100 journalists who were in Gaza have been killed since Israeli attacks began,” Lowe said. “Israel cannot block investigations by independent investigators and then say the court cannot proceed because there is insufficient evidence against it.”

Israeli forces bombed Rafah heavily on Thursday without advancing on the ground. About 600,000 people have fled to other parts of Gaza, most of them already displaced several times since Israel launched its war.

The only way Israel is going to face justice for war crimes is if the United States collapses.

Otherwise, there is no mechanism to make them pay.

It’s shocking to me that people think the UN has some kind of power. I see ostensibly serious people claiming this.

How can they have power? Why would the US turn over power to the UN? How would that benefit the US?

The US is the dominant force in the world. That won’t last forever, but it is the case now.

China is getting involved in these international organizations, and attempting to gain influence. But that’s only going to mean something if the US collapses.

If the US collapses, however, China will take over these UN organizations, and the Jews will have nowhere to run. All of these people involved in this genocide will be hunted down all over the globe by Spetsnaz and put on trial for war crimes.

It’s interesting that the Jews don’t seem very concerned about protecting the power of the United States, given that without that power, they are all going to end up hunted down and executed.