“Use Contraception to Save the Planet from Climate Change,” Experts Claim

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2019

Experts warn that in order to save the planet, people have to stop making babies.

The fact that the only people worrying about saving the planet and therefore the only ones likely to follow through with this recommendation are white is just a big coincidence.

The fact that white populations are already declining while browns and blacks continue to flood everything is an even bigger coincidence.

Daily Mail:

Supporting universal access to contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies is a largely ignored approach to tackle climate change, researchers argue.

Experts from the Population Council argue that contraception has the potential to reduce population grow and corresponding increases in greenhouse emissions.

Traditional solutions put forward to address climate change have focused on minimising emissions and reversing the effects of global warming.

However, the experts argue that the urgency of the world’s climate crisis — and the lack of political will to address such — calls for other solutions to be considered.

Demographer John Bongaarts and biomedical researcher Régine Sitruk-Ware of the New York-based non-profit Population Council challenge the traditional approach to addressing the grave threat presented by climate change.

‘The contentious ongoing policy debate about potential interventions focuses on switching to renewable energy sources and increasing energy use efficiency,’ the duo wrote.

‘But given the urgency of the problem and the lack of political will, other approaches to limit greenhouse gas emissions should be given higher priority.

Improving access to effective contraception is one such policy that thus far has been largely ignored by the international climate community,’ the pair added.

How about being more explicit when talking about overpopulation? There is no such thing as white overpopulation. Birth rates in white countries are below replacement levels.

Browns and blacks are the ones with the highest birth rates.

When people talk about projections of population growth, they’re talking about the number of browns and blacks increasing.

Contraception should be considered in their discussions, Drs Bongaarts and Sitruk-Ware argue, for the reason that population growth is a key driver of climate change.

The greater availability and more effective use of contraception has been shown to reduce unplanned pregnancies, which serve to increase the populations.

Free contraception is already widely available for most browns and blacks thanks to all the free stuff white people give them. They just don’t want to use it, so anything short of forced sterilization is not going to cut it.

Furthermore, the researchers said, more men and women would elect to use contraception if only it were more widely available and acceptable.

The global population is expected to increase by 3 billion by the year 2100 — reaching a total count of 11 billion.

There’s no such thing as “global population.” They’re talking about the diverse-skinned.

The numbers of white people are decreasing.

This growth will increase the rate of greenhouse gas emissions — making global warming an even more intractable challenge in the coming decades than it already is at present.

Slower future population growth could reduce emissions globally by an estimated 40 per cent or more in the long term,’ the researchers wrote.

If they’re really concerned about this and this isn’t just another tool for white genocide, why don’t they talk about which populations are the ones growing?