Used-Up Skank Finds Girls Elvis Dated When They Were 14, All Still Love Him

A few months ago, some news bimbo from Australia with veins in her neck that look like fuel pumps did an investigation for 20/20 Australia into Elvis’ relationships with 14-year-old girls, finding that, like all normal men, The King preferred the company of fresh women to that of used-up old whores.

This bitch looks like she’s got Burmese pythons crawling under the skin of her neck.

Hilariously, not one of the women, now in the 60s and 70s, claimed to have had a bad experience or cited any negative feelings toward Elvis.

The women all explained that they would just go over to his house and cuddle and kiss, and that he never had sex with them, saying “man, 14 will get ya 20,” a reference to so-called “statutory rape” laws which had been implemented a few years earlier by the vagina lobby.

The Elvis phenomenon is not well understood by people born after his death, and I believe it falls on me to explain it.

Firstly, I will say that Elvis should have been put in prison in 1956, and banned from performing. His show and his person had an unbelievably destructive effect on society, in that it brought forth the phenomenon of women being publicly sexual. That said, Elvis is nonetheless a great American hero, and probably the greatest American hero, and anyone who is anti-Elvis is anti-American and anti-human. It was not Elvis’ fault that he was used to promote this sexual agenda. In another age, instead of being the King of Rock ‘n Roll, he could have been the King of America.

He was a figure that is so striking and powerful that it’s difficult to grasp that he actually existed. He is like something out of Greek mythology. Among other things, he was far and above the single most handsome man that we have a record of existing on the earth. He was also a musical genius (something people don’t really understand, always citing the fact he didn’t write his own songs) and a genius in the visual arts as well. He was also a great guy, a Christian and a patriot. Of course a man of this greatness is going to be destroyed by the filthy modern American system. This is a system designed for the weak and the pathetic; it’s no place for heroes of ancient myth.

During Elvis’s entire public life (yes, even when he got fat), he could have impregnated every single woman on earth, if he’d so chosen. There was not even one woman who would have chosen her husband or any other man over Elvis. This is something that is difficult for men to grasp, as men are pathetic and want to believe that women are loyal to them. They are not. Elvis could have at any point knocked on your door, came into your house, and told your wife “come on, babe, let’s split,” and your wife would leave with him, without hesitation.

Of course, Elvis would never do that to anyone. He was a good man, who cared about the people and wanted to represent the people.

One of the women in the above Australian “investigative report” was asked about the fact that she knew Elvis had other women, and if it bothered her, and she said “well, of course he had other women, he was Elvis.” She added that she’d loved to have had him all to herself, but she could never have expected that, and was just happy she got to spend any time at all with him.

The nasty old hag doing the report was claiming that Elvis was a “pedophile,” and she kept asking the women about it, and one said “we didn’t have pedophilia back then.” That is so, so true, and it only made it into the show because it’s Australia and not America. America would have cut that, because they want to act like this “age of consent” thing has always existed. It hasn’t always existed, it is retarded and deranged, and every man who is normal would prefer the 14-year-old to the 24-year-old.

Sorry. I know that’s very edgy. But it’s edgy in a society that promotes mutilating the genitals of kids. So it doesn’t bother me that it’s edgy.

Another one of the women responded to the “pedophile” question by saying “well, my mama married my daddy when she was 14, and he must have been in his 20s, so back then, people just weren’t really thinking about things like that.”

She asked the other: “Did you think it was odd that this older man was attracted to such young girls?” and the woman replied, “no. It didn’t even occur to me.” She looks at the interviewer like “how dare you, you nasty cunt.”

She wore “I Love Elvis” glasses to the interview.

I don’t think she was informed that the purpose of the segment was going to be to frame Elvis as some kind of child molester, because “a 14-year-old is a child.”

“Pedophilia” is a total scam. Obviously, there are sickos who go after little kids, but that is almost exclusively a homosexual phenomenon.

Teenage girls can be cute and sweet instead of odious, sadistic beasts.

Of course, any such relationship should exist in the confines of marriage. Which is why Elvis never had sex with any of these girls; he just hung out with them.

It’s so hilarious that this Australian vampire woman was looking to paint our sweet Elvis as some kind of monster – and literally titled the segment “Evil in Disguise?” and every single woman interviewed didn’t have a single bad word to say about him.

This Sofia Coppola film about that blood-guzzling parasite Priscilla makes Elvis to be out to be the bad guy. Frankly, I think everyone involved in the film should be charged with sedition. Elvis isn’t Jesus, of course, but any attack on Elvis is an attack on the foundations of America and an attempt to destroy America.

I am interested in watching and reviewing the Baz Luhrmann Elvis film, as I’ve heard he gave him a fair treatment. However, Linda Thompson is not in the movie, and I’m sure Priscilla sends all kinds of legal threats to ensure that she not be made the villain of the film. Instead, Colonel Parker is the villain, which is dubious. But I’ll watch it and let you know.

For the foreseeable future, I will be writing primarily about Elvis. Given that I’m on a countdown as a result of the persistent brain tumor, I think the most important thing I can do right now is record my thoughts on Elvis.

In general, I want 2024 to be a positive year here on the Stormer, and focus on the good things. In particular, I want to have a counterpoint to constantly referring to America as a land of fat morons ruled over by Jews and women by focusing on the good things about America.

Elvis was the best thing about America.