Sean Strickland’s Anti-Homo Rant Might Have Been Cringe, But It’s a Good Sign

A few days before he lost the title fight, now former UFC middleweight champ Sean Strickland went on a rant at a press conference against gays and trannies.

You could complain about this, I’m sure. It’s obvious pandering. It’s also cringe.

He also followed it up with the obligatory “I love gay people” bit.

Still, it’s a good sign. A couple of years ago, this would have been impossible. Everyone was in a state of confusion a few years ago. The Republicans had gone all-in with “we’re here to protect the gays from the Moslems.” Slowly but surely, people began to realize that gays are a much bigger threat than Moslems, and it would be better to have Moslems protecting us from gay Republicans.

We’re now at the point where you can openly disparage gay people, generally, and accuse them of being child molesters. The gay agenda went too far, and now there is a backlash, and the people who contain backlashes have decided it is better not to try to contain this one, as it would just make things worse.

Dana White, the president of the UFC, is a Trump supporter and says that he allows his fighters to say whatever they want. However, Jews have the ability to prevent this from happening. We all saw what happened to Kanye. Despite a multibillion dollar contract, they were able to shut it down.

Of course, talking about Jews is a lot different than talking about gays, at least for now. But the mechanism exists for Jews to completely destroy the UFC if they want to. The UFC relies on all kinds of partnerships, all of which are subject to Jewish pressure. Most glaringly, UFC airs on ESPN, which is owned by Disney. Disney could easily tell Dana White that fighters are not allowed to talk about gays, and yet they are not.

The reason Disney is not pulling a power play to prevent Sean Strickland from ranting about gays is that they know to do so would make the backlash much worse – not just against Disney, but against all homosexuals.

It’s truly unbelievable that Elon Musk is dropping the ball as badly as he is, getting mobbed up with Shapiro and doing these mass bannings of anyone who questions anything, just as we have this opening where we can get away with moving the ball down the field a bit.

There never could have been a easier time, since 2017, to push back against the censorship. There is no way the grounds could have been more fertile for Elon to actually give people free speech. Instead, he goes out and personally says that the Jews are trying to exterminate the white race, then goes full-Jew and bans anyone who questions anything.

It’s not just Jew-questioners that he’s banning. He bans thousands of small anonymous accounts every day, and it just keeps getting worse.

The only way people can make any statement that matters at all on Twitter now is by making a false statement and then correcting themselves with “community notes.”

But those just get deleted when they get reported too.

But at least we still have Rumble.

Shout out to Rumble – as far as I can tell, they’re keeping it real, 100.

I Don’t Watch These Fights Anymore

The fight, where Strickland lost on points, was controversial.

Strickland claims he won.

I didn’t watch it. I’m not allowed on gambling apps, because I’m banned from the financial system, so I can’t really work up the interest to watch UFC anymore (I’m in a different time zone, you know). I don’t have a hard time believing he won.

It does look like he got headbutted.