Utterly Shameless Jew Butchers Blame Palestinians for Flour Massacre

Previously: Jew Monsters Open Fire on Gazans Waiting in Line for Food, Slaughter More Than 100 People

The starving people waiting in line for flour got a bit rowdy.

We had no choice but to open fire on them with tanks.

It’s their fault.

Also, Hitler was an insane person who hated Jews for literally no reason.


Most of the Palestinians killed when troops opened fire at a crowd massed near an aid convoy in Gaza died as a result of a stampede – not from gunshots, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has claimed.

“The IDF has concluded an initial review of the unfortunate incident where Gazan civilians were trampled to death and injured as they charged to the aid convoy,” military spokesman Daniel Hagari said on Sunday in a statement. “Our initial review has confirmed that no strike was carried out by the IDF toward the aid convoy.”

The statement came amid international outcry over the deaths of more than 100 people and the wounding of 750 others as hungry civilians waited to receive food aid in the besieged Palestinian enclave on Thursday. The Gaza health authorities accused Israeli troops of an “unprovoked attack” on civilians, and UN investigators reported a “large number of gunshot wounds.”

Hagari essentially reiterated the claims he made before the IDF investigation, saying troops were facilitating an aid delivery and fired warning shots as civilians charged toward the humanitarian convoy at the sight of the trucks. “The majority of Palestinians were killed or injured as the result of the stampede,” he said.

After firing warning shots to disperse the crowd, IDF soldiers started retreating, the spokesman claimed. At that point, he added, “several looters approached our forces and posed an immediate threat to them. According to the initial review, the soldiers responded toward several individuals.”

This is obviously bullshit.

The infamous aerial footage shows the Jews opening fire, unprovoked.

Further, the videos of people fleeing the Jewish attack don’t look like a stampede. The crowd was not that thick and it was an open area where people were dispersing in all directions.

This are not really stampede conditions.

This is the crowd density of a stampede, in an enclosed space, in India in 2011:

106 people died there (fewer than died in the Flour Massacre).

Compare that to this:

There is no photo or footage of a stampede in Gaza. It’s just people running, with distance between themselves, in an open area. I would be shocked if even one person died due to being crushed by other runners. I think they were all shot.

Regardless, even if a few people died in a stampede, it was because Jews started firing on them.

Further, it was Jews who were starving them, on purpose, in the first place.

The entire thing was obviously a setup, a trap to make Palestinians afraid to get aid and to also discourage aid groups. If aid groups know that aid distribution events are camped by Jews to commit massacres, they’re less likely to send the food, as it could be seen as making them partially responsible for the slaughters.

I can’t believe there isn’t more outrage over this. This is the single worst atrocity ever filmed on video. Maybe something worse happened under the Bolsheviks or whatever – I don’t know, books describe things like this – but it’s the worst we’ve ever seen on video. It is, by a wide margin, much worse than anything ISIS did.

The Jews are the worst terror group ever, and they are only able to do this because of America, and even if Americans care about this, there is nothing they can do to stop it, because we live in a democracy where public opinion means absolutely zero.

The only solution to what is going on in Gaza is for some larger military to move in.

Looking in your direction, big guy.