Varg Vikernes Arrested for “Pre-Crime”

White activist Varg Vikernes arrested for “possibly being up to something”

July 18. 2013

A White guy with a gun and a beard?  He must be planning something.
A White guy with a gun and a beard? He must be planning something.

There was only one thing that was unclear to me with regards to this case: whether Vikernes and his wife had illegal weapons or not.  Now it seems that all their guns were legal, so even this can be dismissed as a possible reason for this arrest.

What then has Vikernes has done wrong?

  1. He has written things online, which is not illegal, but something which the Jewish police state does not accept.
  2. He was – possibly – going to do something wrong. This is what we call “pre-crime.”


The picture above is from the movie “Minority Report,” based on science fiction short story of the same name by Philip K. Dick. It’s a dystopian future scenario where the police use advanced computer technology to stop crimes before they happen.  Something similar to this is happening today in the Jew$A and Jewropa.

WE apprehend you because it is possible that you intend to maybe do something illegal.

What does it mean to “plan a terrorist act”? The emphasis is on the word “plan.” Where do we draw the line between a moment of frustrated desire to “blow up Parliament” and the act of actually sitting down and drawing up a plan to act?  At what point can the government can prove that you really intended to blow up Parliament?  Are the only grounds the state needs to prove such a thing that someone has expressed a hostile attitude towards the regime in internet rants, possesses legal weapons and maybe has a bag of fertilizer in the garden?  Maybe you  have to have, like 769 others, received an e-mail from Anders Behring Breivik with his manifesto as an attachment?

We have a big problem when you can be arrested on the basis that “it appears that you would like to commit a crime.”  Here you have “pre-crime.” And the problem with arresting people for “pre-crime” is that – as far as I understand the law – it is illegal.  The state power has no right to arrest someone on the basis that the person may have had thoughts about committing a crime.  With that logic, could you arrest the perhaps one-million men who have thought about how they would like to rape a woman?  Or you could arrest as many drivers as would like to drive too fast, or the red light, and thought about doing so?  Do you understand the senselessness?

But this is not about “pre-crime,” in the sense that it existed in Minority Report, as the authorities did not likely even believe that Varg was actually up to something.  This was about the undemocratic use of force to demonstrate and implement a very specific political agenda.  This is meant to intimidate and punish people who do not think like you want them to think. This is a thought-dictatorship.

The only terrorism is from the Jews and their Freemasonic police forces.  What are ‘Nazis’ guilty of?  Wrongthink.  That’s all.

Orwell’s 1984: We are already here.  Wake up and realize that we live in the same frightening future we read about in books and saw in movies when we were growing up.  You can now be punished for your thoughts and the only law that exists is not the one on the books, but the one staring at you down the barrel of a gun.


Translated by Andrew Anglin.