Vegan Calls Police on Friends Who Tricked Her Into Eating Chicken Nuggets as a Prank

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2019

It’s funny because she’s vegan, yeah, but I’d probably call the police too if someone tricked me into eating that penis-shortening and infertility-causing poison.


A woman has said she contacted cops after a group of friends made her eat chicken as a prank because she is vegan.

She said that she had not eaten meat since she was three or four years old but turned to a plant-based diet 10 years ago.

Now 24, she said that recently she was at a party and got ‘white girl wasted’.

That’s when her friends gave her something to eat and she asked ‘are these vegan?’, to which her friends replied ‘yeah, they’re sunfed’ – a type of chickenless chicken, she explained on Reddit.

She said they didn’t taste right, but because she was so drunk she dismissed it.

The anonymous poster said: ‘I found out the next day when my sister sent me a message telling me to check my friends Snapchat story.

The story was them showing the nugget packaging, and then showing them giving them to me (including the conversation where I asked if it was vegan).

The and then later them mocking me and pretending to be me when I found out I ate meat (things like fake crying and yelling “the CHICKENS!!!”).

I took a screen recording of the video and took it to the police, on the grounds of food tampering, and now 3 of my (ex) friends are facing charges.’

She said that she was sick the next morning but her friends accused her of overreacting.

She added: ‘In my view, they took advantage of my drunken state, tampered with my food, and publically humiliated me. In their view, it was just a prank.’

On the one hand, vegans should be mocked and abused. On the other hand, tampering with people’s food and tricking them into eating something they wouldn’t normally eat should be illegal and swiftly punished — especially when the “food” is literally poisonous junk.

I’m surprised I’m saying this, but I definitely side with the vegan here. Not because of her reasoning or vegan “purity,” but because the implications of being able to randomly trick people into eating stuff they wouldn’t normally eat, without being punished, are pretty grim.

The same would apply if some vegan tricked you into eating a vegan dish disguised as an animal-based food or as something you’d agree to eat.

Or if someone tricked you into eating a cat.

She was kind of asking for it though, getting “white girl wasted” and all.

It would have been better if her friends had raped her as a prank instead.

Raping vegan women should definitely be a legal, widespread therapy practice.