Wang Town 2: She Works Hard for the Money (So Hard for It, Honey)

Wang Town 2 has finally arrived!

This is the very famous podcast that I do with world famous internet personality Paul Town. The second episode was a long time coming and has finally arrived.

As is our format, we have four topics in 90ish minutes. This week we discussed:

  • Work v. Slavery – What is the difference between having meaningful work and being a slave? How do you get yourself in a position where you are working for yourself and enjoying it as opposed to working for someone else and hating your existence? Should you get into creative work? (SPOILER: No.)
  • The Vagina Mindset/Vaginal Law – What is going on with women? Why do they act this way? Why are men obsessed with women? Is it because they were abused as small boys by mommy, and now their entire psychology is built around pleasing women? (SPOILER: Yes.)
  • Productivity Strategies – How can you be most productive? What are the strategies?
  • Ukraine Internet Defense Force – Is the internet propaganda campaign for Ukraine Democracy War the biggest psychological operation ever performed on the internet in all of history? Is it based on the 2016 Alt-Right trolling operations invented by Andrew Anglin? What is going on here, exactly? Why are these NATO doge memes so unfunny?

There was a whole lot going on here. Much of it ended up being about women, because this is the issue which I think is more important than any other issue. It’s also an early episode of the show, and I wanted to lay a groundwork for how I view the world (all of the problems, including the Jewish problem, are caused by women’s liberation).

I’m really excited about the podcast. We did an episode zero, so this is technically the third episode, and there has been enormous progress from one show to the next. There is reason to believe that episode 3 will be the greatest podcast ever recorded, and that subsequent shows will all be better than the last. Probably, most people who currently make podcasts, including Joe Rogan, will give up and stop making podcasts so they can just listen to Wang Town over and over again all day long.


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