Warsaw: Holocaust Museum for Kids to Open Inside of the Zoo Where Jews Hid from Nazis

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 30, 2015

Lampshades and Soap: Fun for all ages!
Lampshades and Soap: Fun for all ages!

Warsaw is opening a Holocaust museum for children inside of their own zoo, due to the fact that a group of Jews hid there and saved themselves from being death-gassed.

It is a fantastic story, somewhat similar to the also true story of James and the Giant Peach.

James and the Giant Peach: The amazing true story of escaping the Nazis by hiding in a giant peach
James and the Giant Peach: The amazing true story of escaping the Nazis by hiding in a giant peach

Jews are happy to know that even while trying to have a fun time seeing the animals, goyim children will never forget what will happen if they start thinking about running their own country.

i24 News:

This museum is not going to be a huge one, but from a commemoration point of view it’s among the most important of its kind because of the target audience — children,” said Jonny Daniels, the founder of From The Depths, a Holocaust commemoration organization that initiated the museum project together with the Panda Foundation, the zoo’s charitable arm.

It will include the villa of the menagerie’s director, Jan Zabinski, and his wife, Antonina. A lieutenant in the Polish resistance, Zabinski sheltered the Jews in underground pathways connecting the animal cages. He also used the zoo to store arms for the resistance. The museum will also house the renovated maze of tunnels and the piano on which Antonina warned her charges of approaching Nazis, The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported.

Israeli Moshe Tirosh, one of 300 Jews whose lives were saved thanks to the couple’s little-known heroism, spent three weeks at the zoo, where he lived in a windowless underground room with his younger sister receiving food from the Zabinskis and their son, Ryszard. For safety reasons, Tirosh’s parents stayed in a different chamber in the underground maze.

By the time Tirosh reached the zoo, many of the animals had been killed — some in hunting parties that Nazi officers held there — or shipped off to German zoos. Determined to keep the zoo running because of its value for the resistance, Zabinski turned it into a pig farm, according to “The Zookeeper’s Wife,” a 2007 book about the Zabinskis. Sometimes Zabinski would smuggle pig meat into the Jewish ghetto, where the prohibition on its consumption had been largely abandoned because of a Nazi starvation policy that had Jews living on a diet of 187 calories a day.

At the zoo, Antonina communicated with her Jewish guests through a musical code,” Tirosh recalls in an interview with JTA.

“She played for us one piano tune and told us to sit tight and be very quiet if we heard that music, and then another tune to indicate the danger was over,” he said.

Gah! These evil German Nazi bastards were shooting the zoo animals! That’s just like a German – go to the zoo and shoot all the animals! They also forced Jews to eat pork??? Not surprising! I know for a fact they used to grab babies from women’s arms and drown them in buckets in front of them for no reason.

My heart sure is touched to hear this heart-touching story of this Jew who avoided being made into a lampshade by hiding underneath a zoo. It is especially warming to the heart that they had a secret musical code to send messages to one another. And I am glad this obviously completely true and factual story is being memorialized by reminding White children of what happens if White people question the Jews.