Washington: Seattle to Pay $10 Milly Because Cops Were Mean to BLM Rioters

The Guardian is always so very earnest in their reporting.

This is like a small child who believes everything the adults say repeating what the adults said without understanding a word of it.

Journalists should be replaced with AI, entirely. The AI can just scan Twitter and Telegram, bills and government announcements, white papers, economic data, and various organizations’ press statements, and write the articles entirely on its own.

In this case, the AI could watch the video of the “racial justice protests” and read the legal filings and come up with something that doesn’t read like absurdist satire.

The Guardian:

Seattle has agreed to pay $10m to 50 demonstrators who sued over the police department’s heavy-handed response to racial justice protests in 2020, in a settlement announced by attorneys from both sides on Wednesday.

The protesters were among tens of thousands who rallied downtown and in the Capitol Hill neighborhood for weeks following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police – a period that saw Seattle’s police department abandon its East Precinct building as well as the establishment of the “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest”, a six-block zone taken over by protesters.


It was an insurrection, actually.

The police department – led by then chief Carmen Best – used aggressive techniques to disperse the crowds, including flash-bang grenades, foam-tipped projectiles, and blast balls that explode and emit pepper gas.

One of the rioters who’s gonna get money is that teacher who told students being straight is offensive

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At some points during protests, people in the crowds did cause damage, including burning police cars and trying to set a fire at the East Precinct. But a federal judge ordered the department to stop using chemical and other weapons indiscriminately against against peaceful demonstrators.

The peaceful protesters… who also were burning police cars and broke into the police station and tried to set it on fire.

How is this a real news article?

When police used them even after Best and then mayor Jenny Durkan promised they would stop, the city council voted unanimously to bar officers from doing so.

Among the plaintiffs in the lawsuit was Aubreanna Inda, who was standing in the middle of a street before a phalanx of officers in riot gear when a blast ball hit her in the chest and exploded, causing her to go into cardiac arrest. Volunteer medics and other protesters performed CPR and brought her to a hospital.

It’s sad that you can’t even torch a car these days without the cops being mean to you

Others included a teenager whose finger was partially blown off, a disabled veteran with a cane who was teargassed and tackled, and dozens who suffered hearing loss, broken bones, concussions, severe bruises, PTSD or other injuries, according to the lawsuit.

The case involved more than 10,000 videos, including police body-worn camera recordings, and hundreds of witness interviews.

“Historians should review what we collected and write the true story of the shameful behavior of our city against the peaceful protesters,” Karen Koehler, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said in a statement on Wednesday.

Historians should do that.

But they should not be Jewish shill drones pumped out of the Jew university system.

They should be robot historians that give us the facts.