Texas: Chemical Plant Explodes, Residents Told to Shelter in Place

These chemical accidents are still happening, by the way.

No one really understands why.

It started with East Palestine, Ohio – this seems sort of symbolic, no?

New York Post:

One person was injured on Wednesday in a large fire at a rural chemical distribution plant northeast of Houston, according to local media reports.

Residents within one mile of Sound Resource Solutions located 61 miles northeast of Houston were told to shelter in homes and businesses as the fire continued to burn creating a large plume of black smoke over a rural area near Shepherd, Texas, according to the media reports.

The shelter-in-place zone was originally five miles, but was later reduced in size, according to KPRC-TV in Houston.

Sound Resource Solutions blends, packages and distributes industrial chemicals including sulfuric acid, acetone and petrochemicals like xylene and toluene, according to the company’s website.

This is serious business.

It’s possible that these were happening before, and the media only started giving them national attention after East Palestine. It would make sense that they would start happening more as the racial stock of America declines.

However, after investigating, I do not think that is the case.

I think that since February of this year, more of these incidents have happened than previously.

It’s impossible to say why this is happening so regularly.

The conspiracy explanation would be that they want to blame a massive rise in vax-caused cancers on chemical spills.

But that seems way too sophisticated for the people currently running the global conspiracy.

It’s probably just a legit coincidence, frankly.

Or maybe reality is collapsing.