Watch: Biden Offers Handshake to Thin Air

Joe Biden had yet another bizarre senior moment this week, ending a speech in North Carolina by turning around and giving a handshake to a ghost. He then wandered around aimlessly. This is one of the worst 30-second clips to go viral. It’s six hours old at time of writing and already has 12 million views on one upload on Twitter.

The most amazing thing about the Biden decline is how quickly it is happening. Back in 2016, he was perfectly coherent.

In the debates in 2019, he was mostly fine.

Then when the coronavirus hoax started, he went into his basement, and started getting weird. Whenever he emerged from the basement, he would say strange things.

Since he’s been in office, however, the decline has sped up very quickly.

He’s now an utter mess.

And there are nearly three years left of his term.

Also, he has no Dick Cheney to run things for him. Kamala Harris, while not senile, is arguably less cognitively capable than he is.

It would be kind of funny if this was happening in the 1990s.

But this is not the 1990s. It’s 2022, and we’re on the brink of a World War.

A couple of people are saying that even though Biden looks confused, he isn’t actually confused. You are confused for believing he is confused.

The rest of the Twitter comments are full of malarky.