You Don’t Sense a Little Bit of Love and Affection Here?

Because of the reality situation and my potential brain tumor, I’ve gone all-in today. I can’t type anymore, can’t drink anymore, need to take a nap or maybe sleep for 17 hours. So I’m doing a wacky provocative thing as filler.

The headline plus this image of a historical flier are the story:

I’m asserting the position that slavery was not any kind of metaphysical evil, and that there was generally and as a rule a kind of love and affection going both ways between slave and slave owner. I think abuse was as rare or maybe rarer than any other form of domestic abuse, because slave-and-owner was a valid human domestic relationship, involving the same set of emotions that exist in other domestic relationships.

You can disagree.

Maybe it’s too edgy and provocative for you, because I’m Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer and I’m super edgy and provocative. It’s like, my thing, man.

Look at that. Holy shit, I’m so edgy and provocative that I’m mocking myself for using worn-out provocation bits. How self-aware and ironic can I get??

Do I have a brain tumor??