Watch: Five Colorful Spirit Airlines Employees Attack Man for Some Reason (Possibly No Reason)

Spirit Airlines is a blast, man.

You’re always gonna have a good time on Spirit.

It’s the airline for party animals.

New York Post:

A dispute at a Spirit Airlines ticket counter at Baltimore Washington International Airport erupted into a violent brawl involving five men, leaving one with minor injuries, cops confirmed Friday.

Wild video captured on a bystander’s cellphone camera showed the fracas unfold around 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday, when a man wearing shorts and a hooded sweatshirt appeared to approach several ticket agents in dark-colored Spirit Airlines uniforms with his fists raised.

It wasn’t just his uniform that was dark-colored, if you catch my drift.

As the counter workers seemingly accepted the man’s challenge and began closing in on him, a fifth man wearing a white button-down shirt bursts into frame swinging a vicious haymaker that throws the man off balance as the others surround him.

The lone man is soon wrestled to the ground — getting tangled in the airline’s rope barriers — as the four airport workers rain blows upon him with their feet and fists, the videographer cackling in approval at the violent scene.

After the man is subdued, one of the counter workers sneaks through the dogpile and delivers one final cowardly blow to the helpless man’s head, according to the footage first reported by TMZ.

This isn’t just kayfabe.

It’s real wrestling.

This happens often enough that Spirit Airlines needs to roll in court-side seating and let people make bets on employees vs. customers.

Or, I guess fairer bets would be about how long the customer can hold out against the customer.

Spirit Airlines is a trip, man.

A lot of people run down America, but this is why people from all over the world want to come to America: they want to see a bunch of black airline employees beating the shit out of customers for no clear reason.

This is why America is the greatest country on earth and the indispensable nation.

I’d be supportive of just going ahead and dispensing with every nation that doesn’t include these sorts of fights at the airport.