Watch: Evil SUV Plows Into Freedom Convoy Protesters, Injures Four

Wait, I thought the Freedom Convoy were the terrorists?

Is this reverse terrorism?

Was it a hate attack… driven by love for democracy?

Seems to be.

Seems to be.


A 42-year-old Canadian man is facing multiple criminal charges after driving his Jeep Patriot through a group of protesters in Winnipeg on Friday night, injuring four people.

The Winnipeg Police said that after plowing through the crowd, the suspect fled the scene at high speed, passing through several red lights. According to the press release, he was eventually chased down and arrested following a “brief struggle.”

A disturbing dashcam video from a parked truck shared on social media appears to show the moment a white SUV drove through a group of people peacefully protesting near Broadway and Memorial Boulevard.

Police confirmed that the suspect struck four adult males, who were part of the Freedom Convoy protest at the Legislative grounds. Three of the victims suffered minor injuries, while the fourth was taken to a hospital for treatment and later released.

The man, whose identity has not been released, remains in custody, charged with multiple cases of assault, dangerous operation of a vehicle, and recklessly fleeing the scene of an accident.

The media will just bury this like they buried that story of the sentient SUV driven by a black guy plowing through a white Christmas parade.

This is the thing: events that happen don’t really matter.

It’s like that line from the famous BIPOC musical group “Niggers with Attitude”: “When something happens in South Central LA, nothing happened – it’s just another nigger dead.”

You feel me?