Watch: Female Brute Enters NYC Pet Store, Kicks Puppies, Slaps White Woman

Bitch, don’t kick those puppies.



So exhausting.

New York Post:

A deranged woman ferociously slapped a tourist inside a New York City pet store over the weekend after she was told to leave for kicking puppy kennels, according to shocking footage and cops.

The “unprovoked” attack on Saturday afternoon in Citipups in Chelsea left the victim, a woman visiting from Texas, with a bloody nose, the store manager told The Post as authorities were still seeking the suspect Tuesday.

Video captured by store manager Emilio Ortiz shows the disputative woman walking toward the exit before briefly turning to the tourist and smacking her on the side of the face. She then appeared to spit in the direction of the victim, the video shows.

As she’s walking out, she slaps the s–t out of this lady,” Ortiz told The Post Tuesday. “Like, she slaps her really freaking hard.”

She was bleeding, she had a nosebleed, she was like really distraught because it was her first time in New York,” Ortiz said of the victim.

“So she was a tourist, and it’s, like, imagine being your first day in New York, you’re just walking around all of sudden some crazy person just assaults you.”

It’s really surreal that the media can report all of these stories about black people and somehow not mention “ONLY BLACK PEOPLE DO THIS.”

We’ve got all these issues now with the New Americans, but no matter what they do, they’re never going to reach the level of the blacks.

Only black people do things like this.