Watch: Florida Driver Stuck in Traffic Swings Machete, Slices Man’s Cheek

Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, check your shit, bitch – it’s me, Luis!

Y’all never should have swerved on Luis, because he don’t play around like that!

I’m coming at you!

New York Post:

A Florida driver has been nabbed after he was caught on camera allegedly slashing a man with a huge machete in a wild road-rage attack, cops said.

Luis Ruiz-Herrera, 61, is accused of jumping out of his car with the massive blade while stuck in traffic at a Miami intersection late last week, the Miami Springs Police Department said Monday.

Luis Ruiz-Herrera, 61

The shocking video, captured on another driver’s dashcam, showed Ruiz-Herrera suddenly lunging at the scooter-riding victim, who was stopped in the lane next to him.

The victim managed to jump off his scooter and back away slightly as a manic Ruiz-Herrera closed the gap between them, police said.

Ruiz-Herrera then allegedly swung the machete — slicing the victim’s left cheek, according to cops and the footage.

Ruiz-Herrera, who was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, was granted a $10,000 bond but ordered to stay away from the victim.

Hey, bitch!

It’s your boy Luis!

Shouldn’t have done your boy like that!

Protip: if you ever see a sixty-year-old Mexican guy in shorts and party slides, you can guarantee he’s got a machete packed.