Watch: Generous Black Man Uses Knife to Enrich Subway Rider in Toronto

Thankfully, the mass killing hasn’t soured the Canadian people on the benefits of diversity.

New York Post:

A horrifying video shows a subway rider getting repeatedly stabbed on a moving train in Toronto on Thursday afternoon, sending other straphangers fleeing in terror.

The violent attack occurred around 12:20 p.m. aboard a southbound Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) train traveling toward Eglinton Station.

Cellphone video recorded by an eyewitness and shared widely on social media shows a man in a white T-shirt and blue shorts exchanging punches and kicks with another rider dressed in dark clothing in the middle of a train car.

A knife can be seen flashing in the other man’s hand during the fight.

At one point during the bout, the suspect in dark clothing stabs the man in shorts, causing a bloodstain to bloom on the back of his T-shirt.

The bleeding victim desperately tries to get away from his attacker, yelling “Help! Help!” as the knife-wielding goon chases him through the train car in full view of stunned commuters.

A passenger at the end of the car can be heard yelling in panic: “He’s stabbing him up! He’s killing him!”

Another person exclaims: “Oh my God, I can’t get off the train!”

When the train finally reached the station, the suspect fled, according to a press release from the police. He remained at large Friday morning.

The victim — described as a man in his 30s — was taken to a trauma center with life-threatening injuries, according to the Toronto Police Service. His condition has since been upgraded to stable.

We’re very close to a utopia, folks.

Just need to push a little harder.

We’re almost there.

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