Watch: Hitman “Disguised” as Orthodox Jew Executes Victim in Queens

How do we know it was a disguise?

Seems the obvious thing is that it is just literally an Orthodox Jew hitman.

Daily Mail:

Shocking surveillance footage captured the moment a gunman disguised as a Hasidic Jew ambushed a man with a point-blank bullet to the head as the victim was getting into his car in Queens.

Jermaine Dixon, 46, was shot dead by the unidentified killer who was wearing a traditional rekel – a long, black coat – and a wide brim black hat, in the video obtained

The shooter had his trunk, hood and car door open before hunching under the hood as Dixon approached his own car, according the video.

Once Dixon turned his back on the man to open the door of his car, the gunman ran across the street and shot Dixon in the back of the head, the video showed.

Dixon’s body was slumped in the front seat as the man ran back to his car, slammed the hood down and drove away from the scene.

Cops discovered the slain victim around  8 a.m. on South Conduit Avenue in South Ozone Park.

EMS pronounced the victim dead at the scene.

I guess we’re bringing back Hollywood style gangland hits.

People are taking issue with the claim it is a disguise, given that there is no evidence.

It could have been a disguise, like in the video game “Hitman.”

But also, I mean – Jews are natural murderers.