Watch: Hundreds of Students Camping on Columbia University Campus in Support of Palestine

It’s heartening that these leftists are more against the Palestine war than they were for the Ukraine war.

On its face, it’s confusing why they would support one war and not the other. But if you study it for a bit, you realize that these people are just baby-level retards, and they think that somehow the Ukrainians are the same thing as the Palestinians – a “resistance” fighting a bad enemy.

But maybe, when the Ukraine collapses and a million men are dead for literally no reason at all, the leftists will notice the fact that the head of their precious Ukraine is a Jew and a supporter of Israel – funded by an Israeli Jew billionaire.

If they don’t ever figure that out, because they’re literally retarded, then whatever. I support them protesting the Israeli Jews, even if they support all the other Jews. At the very least, they are eventually going to have to realize that the people in Washington are all Jewish, and that is why we have a suicide pact with Israel.

This camp is impressive.

New York Post:

Hundreds of Columbia University students set up nearly 60 tents and shouted anti-Israel slogans on the campus’ main lawn Wednesday – just as Columbia President Minouche Shafik testified before Congress about antisemitism at the Ivy League school.

The Gaza Solidarity Encampment first sprung up near Butler Library before 5 a.m., featuring a make-shift row of tents and signs featuring slogans such as,“Israel bombs, Columbia pays,” in reference to Israel’s military action in the Gaza Strip after the Oct. 7 terror attack.

“Free, free Palestine!” the pro-divestment protesters could be heard chanting in video from the scene captured by The Post.

The event was soon met by counter protesters waving Israeli flags, whose numbers grew by the early evening.

These guys have been chanting ‘Death to the Zionist state,’” Jonny Lederer, a Columbia sophomore, told The Post of the protestors.

So I go there with my Israeli flag and my megaphone and I say ‘Listen, can you condemn Hamas on October 7?’ They were silent…not one person was able to condemn it.”

The divestment advocates and pro-Israeli counter protestors circled up on the quad, while one speaker appeared to commandeer the scene with a megaphone.

As the pro-Palestinian protestors cheered, one of the counter protestors was heard yelling out “Can you call for the release of the hostages [held by Hamas in Gaza]?”

Outside the campus gates, pro-Palestinian protestors wielded signs with slogans like “Israeli forces slaughter Palestinians waiting for food” and “Cease genocide.”

The NYPD arrived at the scene several hours into the protest, and restricted the press to a pen outside the main gates on Broadway and 116th Street.

Columbia had already restricted access to the main campus to university ID holders ahead of Shafik’s congressional appearance, the Spectator noted.

Columbia public safety announced that it was also closing the campus’ main gates at 4 p.m. Wednesday due to the ongoing protest.

The weather is breaking, so we’re going to see more stuff like this.

It’s important to remember this: protest season is just getting started.

Ideally, there will be a camp in front of the White House.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.