Watch: Jew Woman Complains About Antisemitism in Coffee Shop, Employees Kick Her Out

It’s really happening.

We are already in the midst of a kind of low-intensity pogrom.

I don’t know if I ever expected to live to see this, but I know that if I would have pictured it in my mind, I would have imagined Jews managing it a lot more strategically.

I just can’t understand how they can’t compute that “the whining is making it worse” and then compensate for that? It’s something so simple, you’d think even a small child could figure it out.

Anyway – I’m loving it. It feels like all my dreams are coming true.

New York Post:

California coffee shop workers were filmed denying a Jewish customer access to the restroom after she complained it was filled with antisemitic graffiti — telling her “Free Palestine” and accusing her of wanting to use the facilities because “Israel loves taking private property and saying it’s their own.”


Three employees at Farley’s East in Oakland stood in front of the bathroom and told a distressed-sounding woman filming them that she had to leave.

“I want to go in the restroom,” the woman repeatedly implores the staffers, who tell her it’s private property even while confirming she was a customer who’d eaten there.

Your kind are not welcome to use our facilities, ma’am. Please leave our coffee shop and our country. Thanks, bye.

A male staffer then smiles as he tells her: “I know Israel loves taking private property and saying it’s their own, but we gotta have …

As the woman again says that she “was a patron here and I have a right to go into the restroom,” the man replies, “And we have a right to refuse service.”

When an employee of a neighboring business steps in to offer the use of her company’s bathroom next door, the woman filming replies firmly: “No, I want to use this one. I should not be excluded and other people allowed.”

One of the female workers blocking her way and trying to boot her then notes that the customer will only see antisemitic graffiti — suggesting she agrees with at least some of the messages.

The customer is finally allowed in after asking: “If you agree with [the graffiti] why are you afraid that I will take a picture of it?”

“Oh, actually, great — please!” the male worker says with apparent joy at what she is about to see.

She then films messages including “Zionism = Fascism,” “Your neutrality/apathy is enabling genocide” and “Free Palestine.”

History didn’t start in 1948, lady,” one of the workers quips while the patron quickly films the inside of the restroom.

Free Palestine. Now, please leave,” one of the women says.

Free Palestine,” the man agrees, smiling and saying “It’s always great. We LOVE it” as she films him.

This is so awesome.

I love that fat kid.

And you know, I know he’s a leftist. But who cares?

Opposition to the Jews should be bringing us together. We all have this in common – really, everyone on earth has this in common now, save some boomers who read Breitbart.

I never said I wanted all leftists to die. Well, I might have said that… but anyway, the point is, when we get rid of the Jews, leftism will have zero oxygen and it will just go away on its own.

If the leftists are going to help us get rid of the Jews, then they are absolutely part of the solution, and I salute all of them.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.