Watch: Large Group of Car Burglars Terrorizes California Neighborhood

These people happen to be black, but that is completely irrelevant, because race does not exist. It is simply a statistical anomaly that more than 60% of crime in the United States is committed by blacks.

Also, the reason that the black race commits so much crime is that their feelings are still very hurt over the fact that they were under slavery hundreds of years ago, which made them feel very bad.

Often when people feel bad about things that happened to them hundreds of years ago, they go out at night and break into people’s cars.

New York Post:

A large group of stealthy burglars was caught on home security cameras wandering through a California neighborhood breaking into cars in the middle of the night.

On July 6, an Antioch, California, resident claimed to have woken up to approximately 10 people, most wearing hoodies, walking down his street and entering some of the cars, including his girlfriend’s.

“When I seen them, I didn’t know what was happening, I was like ‘I hope they don’t try going through the garage,’ I wasn’t about to go out there myself, there was about 10 of them,” Mike Allen told Kron 4.

While it is unknown what exactly was stolen from any of the vehicles, Allen told the outlet his girlfriend had left a bag in the car.

“They broke into my girlfriend’s car because she had her baby bag in the car, so they went in there rummaging through everything and got what they wanted and walked down the street and the following morning I could see about three other cars down the street that they did the same thing,” Allen added.

Antioch is 45 miles northeast of San Francisco.

While car break-ins aren’t uncommon in the Contra Costa County city, officials say large groups aren’t a normal occurrence.

It is unusual that many people, a large group, would go around and be looking into the cars and walking the neighborhood,” Sgt. Price Kendall of the Antioch Police Department told Kron 4. “This happens frequently but usually, it’s one or two people and there’s a car associated, on this evening it was a large group of people that were wandering the neighborhood.”

Race does not exist, and these people could just as easily be Chinese.

That said, the fact that they are black does explain why they are committing these crimes, and in fact, these crimes are totally justified.

The real criminals are the whites complaining about this.

If they didn’t want their cars broken into, they should not have done slavery hundreds of years ago.