Watch: People Protest Against Killing Babies Outside of AIPAC President’s Vacation Home

The Jews are continuing the slaughter, continuing to crush the reputation of the Jewish race like the body of a child in Gaza is crushed by debris from a Jewish explosion.

The whole world is as exhausted by the Jews as I am. It’s difficult to grasp how much things have already changed, and how different the world is going to be in the wake of this disaster.

The fact that the Jews are all rallying around together to defend the slaughter means that the Jews will not be able to successfully use “anti-Semitism” as a defense in any context.

New York Post:

Pro-Palestinian protesters set off smoke bombs outside a vacation home of American Israel Public Affairs Committee President Michael Tuchin on Thanksgiving Day — while holding a banner reading: “F–k ur holiday! Baby killer.”

Video posted online showed a group of about a dozen protesters hurling smoke bombs as an unidentified man approached the group outside the house in Los Angeles.

Michael Tuchin

A girl could be heard begging her father to “stay away” and “not get physical” as the group chanted, “Hey, ho, the occupation has got to go” and “F— your holiday,” a Thanksgiving message also on the “baby killer” banner.

Other footage shows the group had dripped paint along Tuchin’s driveway and left bunches of cloth covered in fake blood to symbolize dead babies.

The People’s City Council-Los Angeles, which describes itself as an anticapitalist and anti-imperialist group, took credit for the protest, calling it a “holiday wake-up call.”

“AIPAC spends tens of millions to control pro-genocide Congress members,” it wrote on X. “F–k your holiday, baby killer.”

It’s really something we need to be talking about.

The only reason this situation with the Jews is possible is that the government of America is controlled by the Jews, and AIPAC is the root of that control.

Josh Hawley, a supposed “populist” who used to argue against censorship, is now calling for a total shutdown of free speech on the internet to prevent people from criticizing the Jews.

The entire Congress rallies for the Jews, and most people don’t seem to understand why.

It’s because AIPAC has a stranglehold on Congress. They will give you money if you’re on Team BabyKiller, and if you question them, they will have you run out of office in a primary challenge.