Israel Makes Stuff Up as Excuse for Murdering Palestinians, Father of British Activist Says

This whole “I support Israel, but…” thing has gone too far.

Why would anyone support Israel?

They stole the land and then committed mass murder for decades.

Enough is enough.

There is no reason to support Israel.

The Guardian:

Western governments are “actively encourag[ing] the killing of women and children” in Gaza, because they are not willing to challenge Israeli accounts of the war there, the father of a British peace activist killed by an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) sniper has warned.

Anthony Hurndall’s son, Tom Hurndall, was shot in the head in April 2003 in Rafah, while he was helping Palestinian children.

Anthony Hurndall left his job as a City lawyer to work on an investigation into the shooting and embarked on an international campaign for justice after Israeli authorities initially declined to open an inquiry into the case.

Anthony Hurndall

He described himself as “a longstanding supporter of the state of Israel”, but said his work nearly two decades ago exposed a culture of impunity and cover-ups over civilian deaths that he fears is being replicated in attacks on Gaza today.

The IDF … routinely falsely misrepresent civilians and children as militants, or as armed, and fabricate accounts of events, as a pretext for their killing,” he wrote in a statement about the war.

These claims appear similar to the claims the IDF are currently making to justify their bombing, missile and other attacks on civilian targets and hospitals in Gaza.”

Yeah, I know.

His meticulous dossier was critical to creating international pressure that led to the arrest and trial of the sniper, who was sentenced to eight years for manslaughter. Hurndall said that Palestinians in Gaza do not have the resources to investigate the death of civilian relatives in the same way.

Only when confronted with irrefutable evidence, and subjected to the unrelenting pressure of the UK government and press, did [the Israeli military] concede and accept responsibility. Unfortunately, Palestinian civilians do not have the resources or support to protect themselves in this way,” he wrote.

The UN should be investigating this, but they’re not. All they do is whine.

The UN has so much money. They could easily do something about these Jews and their slaughter.