Jews Tells UN Court Jews are the Real Victims of Genocide!

Previously: South Africa Presents Genocide Case Against Israel

Jews are truly incredible.

Real headline btw (it’s Israel saying Israel must defend itself, but everyone reads it that the Jews are telling the court it must defend the court)

They actually believe these things they say a lot of the time.


Israel on Friday rejected as false and “grossly distorted” accusations brought by South Africa at the U.N.’s top court that its military operation in Gaza is a state-led genocide campaign against the Palestinian population.

It called on judges to dismiss South Africa’s request to halt its offensive, saying to do so would leave it defenceless.

South Africa, which filed the lawsuit at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in December, asked judges in The Hague on Thursday to impose emergency measures ordering Israel to immediately halt the offensive.

It said Israel’s aerial and ground offensive – which has laid waste to much of the enclave and killed more than 23,000 people, according to Gaza health authorities – aimed to bring about “the destruction of the population” of Gaza.

The Israeli foreign ministry’s legal adviser, Tal Becker, told the court that South Africa’s interpretation of events was “grossly distorted”.

If there were acts of genocide, they have been perpetrated against Israel,” he said. “Hamas seeks genocide against Israel.”

The 1948 Genocide Convention, enacted in the wake of the mass murder of Jews in the Nazi Holocaust, defines genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”.

“The appalling suffering of civilians, both Israeli and Palestinian, is first and foremost the result of Hamas’ strategy,” Becker said, saying that Israel had a right to defend itself.

Hamas denies Israeli allegations that its militants hide among civilians, who account for most of the casualties in Gaza.

“Israel is in a war of defence against Hamas, not against the Palestinian people,” Becker said. “The key component of genocide, the intent to destroy a people in whole or in part, is totally lacking.”

Israel argued that this meant the court has no jurisdiction under the Genocide Convention to order it to halt its military actions in Gaza.

“This is no genocide, South Africa tells us only half the story,” lawyer Malcolm Shaw said.

The court is expected to rule on possible emergency measures later this month but will not rule at that time on the genocide allegations. Those proceedings could take years. The ICJ’s decisions are final and without appeal, but the court has no way to enforce them.

Who knows which way the wind will blow on this one. The UN has been pretty mixed in their various statements regarding the conflict, condemning the slaughter by Israel but also continuing to respond to “but do you condemn Hamas?”

It really doesn’t matter. Israel won’t respect the ruling, and no one is going to have their mind changed by a UN decision.

The UN is a pretend organization, really. It was set up after World War II to become a world government body by like, the year 2000. That didn’t happen, obviously, so now it is just a body that goes around pretending to have authority when it actually can only enforce its will against dictators in helpless African countries.

No one cares what the UN thinks.