Watch: Random Pit Bull Attacks Pregnant Woman in Front of Her Two Kids

If pit bulls are going to be legal, the state needs to have the ability to charge the owners with whatever crimes the dogs commit.

Of course, that is a problem now, because nearly all of the owners are black, and it is illegal in America to charge black people with crimes.

New York Post:

Dramatic video captured the moment an eight-months-pregnant Dallas woman was attacked by a pit bull in front of her two terrified, young children.

Reyna Gutierrez and her kids were arriving home at the Tides at Highland Meadows apartment complex on Amanda Lane about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday when the pooch pounced on her, WFAA reported.

Reyna Gutierrez

I couldn’t do anything,” she told the outlet in Spanish after being taken by surprise by the animal. “I tried to cover myself with my son’s backpack.”

The family’s home surveillance footage shows the dog attacking Gutierrez while her 6-year-old daughter jumps onto the hood of a car and her 9-year-old son runs toward the house.

A good Samaritan runs over to help but the dog also attacks him.

The video then shows a man who appears to be the pit bull’s owner putting it on a leash.

They are called “pit bulls” because they were bred to fight bulls in pits.

It’s a dog that was purposely engineered to be as violent and destructive as possible.

It’s ridiculous to have them on the loose like this. They should be exterminated.

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