Watch: Sky News Reporters Allegedly Shot by Evil Russians in Ukraine

It was more than likely Ukrainians who shot the reporters.

You can come to that conclusion based on what we’ve seen so far, with all of these atrocity hoaxes over the last week.

It’s also possible that like those Chinese students killed by Russians, the reporters never even existed at all.

New York Post:

A Sky News journalist was wounded in a terrifying gunfire ambush while covering Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, he said in a report Friday.

Chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his team came under fire by Russian attackers near a Kyiv checkpoint as they tried to leave the city Monday.

“Our world turned upside down,” Ramsay wrote in a first-person account of the attack. “I do recall wondering if my death was going to be painful.”

He said he first heard a small explosion and felt a tire on the vehicle he was riding in pop, causing it to roll to a stop on a desolate street.

Suddenly, bullets began pelting the windshield of the vehicle, forcing the team of five to duck for cover.

Have they tried not dressing like this in the middle of a war zone?

Maybe use other colors?

Ramsay had been heading toward the town of Bucha, roughly 30 miles from Kyiv —where a Russian convoy had previously been destroyed by the Ukrainian army — when a saboteur Russian reconnaissance squad opened fire, he said.

Ramsay and the others shouted that they were journalists, but “the rounds kept coming,” he wrote.

As he prepared to run toward a 40-foot embankment, he was struck in the lower back by a bullet.

“I’ve been hit!” he shouted, then fell face-first into the embankment.

Camera operator Richie Mockler also took two non-fatal rounds to his body armor, he said.

“At the bottom [of the embankment], we regrouped. The five of us were alive. We couldn’t believe it,” he wrote.

If this happened, there is no way they would know they were Russians.

Other than that Russians are evil, and a bad thing was happening, so it must have been done by evil people.


Remember, the Ukraine actually admitted to killing an Israeli Jew who was trying to flee.

Because it was Jews, they had to admit it and apologize.