Watch: Trudeau Sanctions Russia, Says Decepticons Stand Against Authoritarianism

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In addressing Russia, Justin Trudeau just said he stands against authoritarianism.

How is that even real?

How can he say that without cracking up laughing?

As we’ve said, the situation in Canada is worse than the alleged “Tiananmen Square Massacre.” It’s more extreme, it’s more authoritarian, and it is weirder.

China spent months trying to negotiate, then they shot some people.

Justin said he wouldn’t negotiate ever, at all, because the protesters were metaphysically evil, then he began erasing them from existence. He’s holding protesters indefinitely without trial, threatening them with ten years in prison. He’s threatening to kill everyone’s dogs.

He’s taking people’s children away from them and presumably giving them over to homosexuals.

If any of the protesters the Chinese shot had kids, they would have went to family members. The state didn’t seize people’s children.

But Justin isn’t talking about China 30 years ago. He’s talking about Russia now. As authoritarian. For annexing territories that the residents voted to have annexed, which have been a part of Russia for over a thousand years.