Watch: Zelensky Says He Will Find and Kill Every Russian Involved in Invasion

This video is from over the weekend, but we just saw it. It’s one of the many videos Zelensky has released from his secret location, which everyone assumes is in Israel, demanding NATO declare a third world war to save his gay sex parades.

I never would have imagined I’d hear a Jew talking about slaughtering Russians.

From the video:

A family was killed in Irpin today. A man, a woman and two children right on the road. As in a shooting club. When they were just trying to get out of town. To escape. The whole family. How many families like this have died in Ukraine?

We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will punish everyone who committed atrocities in this war. On our land.

We will find every bastard, which shot at our cities, our people. Which bombed our land. Which launched rockets. Which gave the order and pressed start. There will be no quiet place on this earth for you except for the grave.

I just can’t get over it.

A Jewish man talking about slaughtering Russians.

Now I’ve seen everything.

I was also shocked to find out that while Zelensky is claiming that no Ukrainian men from the ages of 18 to 60 is allowed to leave the country, and must stay to be used as a human shield, Jews are allowed to flee to Israel.

I hate to say it, but this almost sounds like some kind of double standard.