Watch: Zelensky’s Former Top Guy Arestovych Tells Ukrainians They’re Dumb Peasants

Alexy Arestovich was fired a while ago.

He’s a very strange fellow.

Half of the time he is on Ukraine media, saying normal things (though slightly more realist than most of the Ukraine commenters). The other half of the time, he is saying wildly true things, with a psycho type of honesty.

Not long ago, he was saying Ukraine was definitely going to lose the war.

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Then a week later, I saw him on TV talking about the great strategy of some bombing or other that the Zelensky government carried out.

He’s really one of the most bizarre public figures that I’m aware of in my lifetime, in any capacity.

Even before he was fired he was making these sorts of statements. There is a whole video roll of him saying things like “the Ukraine is not even a real country, it is completely based on lies.”

This is while he was still working for Zelensky, and spreading all sorts of dumb propaganda:

He’s not even from the Ukraine. He’s Georgian or half Georgian and was raised in Belarus or something. I forget. But he’s a fundamental “Soviet Man” with no obvious allegiances.

Anyway, regardless of anything Arestovych says, the war effort is clearly going great.