Zelensky Fires All Regional Military Recruitment Chiefs for Not Kidnapping Enough Teen Boys and Old Men

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The Saudi summit was a total bust.

Basically, the entire world is against the Ukraine – save for the Jews and women, homosexuals, and paid shills in countries controlled by the Jews.

If you see someone supporting the Ukraine, ask yourself:

  • Is this person Jewish?
  • Is this person a woman?
  • Is this person a homosexual?
  • Is this person personally or professionally beholden in some way to one of these three groups?

If the answer to all four of those questions is “no,” then congratulations: you’re dealing with a paid shill.

Anyway, with the Saudi drama apparently out of the news forever, Zelensky is firing everyone in charge of recruitment for not kidnapping enough young boys and old men (military-aged men are all dead, or escaped somehow).


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy announced the dismissal of the heads of all the country’s regional military recruitment centres on Friday amid concerns about corruption.

Zelenskiy said a review of Ukraine’s recruiting centres revealed signs of professional abuse ranging from illegal enrichment to transporting draft-eligible men across the border despite a wartime ban.

“This system should be run by people who know exactly what war is and why cynicism and bribery during war is treason,” he said in a statement.

So, they were saving the lives of either very young or very old men. (Seriously, every single video you see now is 14-year-old boys standing next to men in their sixties.)

This is a kind of “moral corruption.”

I d0n’t know the exact word for it, but you find it constantly with the Jews. Having a conscience is considered by Jews to be “corruption.”

Jews have enriched our culture with so many new kinds of ideas.

It’s really fantastic.

I didn’t bother writing much about the Saudi summit, because it was sort of a jerk-off. They didn’t invite Russia, which is like… it’s like a major magazine publishing a cover profile on someone who refuses to do an interview because the journalist writing the profile is going around threatening everyone he’s ever known.

I think you’ll find more magazines covering profile stories where the individual being profiled refused the interview (I know of at least one) than you will find peace deals that were successfully negotiated without representatives of the party currently winning the war (I know of zero cases of that). But they are both ridiculous propositions, which fly in the face of professional convention and basic common sense.

Anyway, the Americans arranged this summit and didn’t think Brazil and China were going to show up at all – they thought they would protest it because it was ridiculous, so they could just do a little jerk-off session. Instead, Brazil and China did show up and said “what the hell is this? This is dumb, lol.” Then the Saudis said the Ukraine should cede all of the territory Russia currently occupies.

The Ukrainians said they would consider the Saudi idea, then they went back home and issued statements denouncing it.

It is embarrassment after embarrassment for these Jews.

We’re facing a situation where the Ukraine is not going to even have any people in it, so it is going to be tough to discuss the alleged rights to territory. Zelensky has cleared out half of the country’s population, and I don’t think there was crowding before – so it seems to me that they can lose half their territory, and nothing will noticeably change.


Isn’t that just simple math?

Do you know that if you are British and your father owns a house and dies and you don’t have the money to pay the death tax, you have to take out a loan to pay taxes on your family home?

How are people with that policy making statements about the sacred nature of homelands?