We Were Out for Some Days There – Please Remember, The Site is Always Online

As the reader of DailyStormer.in is aware, we had a couple days of outage this week. It was a problem that was fixable. But these problems continue, and have continued since 2017, when I became the single most banned person on earth*.

Everyone should save this address:


That’s always online. Even if I get to the point where I can’t stay on the normal internet anymore (which might happen), I will still be on there. It can be opened in the Tor Browser (download) or in the Brave Browser (download) by clicking “file>open new private tab with Tor,” and then pasting the address in the bar.

I actually encourage people that, all things being equal, you just get used to going to that version of the site every day. It is hard to make work on an iPhone (although you can do it, it’s just tended to be very slow), but otherwise, it’s not really a huge effort. Along with sometimes going down for a couple days, we also have “hiccups,” where the mainstream internet site is briefly inaccessible, or loads weirdly, or whatever. The Tor site will always load, from any location, and should be pretty speedy.

Regardless: be sure to save the address above – or memorize it, if you wish – so you can keep up with the site when it’s down. I have a commitment that is deranged and sick, so I do the same thing every day even when half of the readership isn’t able to access the site.

I should remind people of this more often. I used to remind people more often.

The same is true of donations. I should remind people more often. I had to spend a good deal of Monero during the downtime, and it reminded me that we are still running at a loss every month, so please do your best to get some Monero (here is the guide, it’s not actually difficult) and send a bit every month if you support what we’re doing and want to reduce downtime.

*I know I’m not the only person who claims the “most banned” title, but I am objectively this person. Firstly, a lot of people are banned from all social media, except Telegram (and Russian and Chinese alternatives that no one who speaks English uses). Alex Jones is simply full of shit; this guy can process Visa cards. Not to take away from things that have been done to him, but basically, he’s going to be able to remain rich while paying off parts of a billion dollar judgement against him because he is making something like $50 million a year. My dear friend Nick Fuentes I would say is the second most banned man, as he can’t use Visa cards or operate a personal checking account. However, I’ve had those statuses since 2017, and I’m also banned from using every internet service operating out of the Western world, including CloudFlare, and all Western alternatives (this is a “CDN,” which is the single most important thing for running a website, for those who don’t know), and have this domain ban thing that forces me to change domains however often. (It’s notable that there was a brief moment that I was allowed on Twitter while Nick was banned, but that moment has passed, as bitch-ass Musk has begun engaging in mass, Jewish-style banning. No matter – he will soon face the ultimate wrath of the legendary alpha male warrior “The Zuck.”) I’ve also got some other issues I won’t bore you with. Nick has of course been much more aggressive about being a public figure than I ever was. (I really just want to run a troll website for teenagers.) So in some sense, he is the most banned public figure. Julian Assange is banned to the point of being in prison, but he probably shouldn’t have been in Sweden. Also, WikiLeaks is still allowed to function, and while he was still holed up in the embassy, he was doing Sean Hannity interviews. Edward Snowden is banned from the West, but is also allowed to do mainstream interviews and operate a YouTube channel. Anyway, I don’t think it’s necessarily a competition, but I am the most banned person ever in history, and I deserve this title. I’m actually considering suing Alex Jones over stolen valor.