WEF: The Bane of Russia Loses Battle Against Water Bottle Lid

Although Vladimir Zelensky has had little trouble defeating Russia in a war, where he has been marching to victory for two years now, a water bottle lid at the World Economic Forum gave him a fight he could not win.

During a forum, Zelensky attempted and failed to open the bottle after several tries. The bottle had a swing top, which perplexed the brave military leader.

Of course, the lesson here is that Russia is not as smart as a bottle lid engineered by the Germans. Zelensky has basically totally defeated the Russians, but explained to the moderator of the forum that it may take him all night to figure out how to open the bottle.

When the moderator offered him a bottle with a less complicated lid, the glorious hero replied: “I have enough time, til morning. No, no, no, I have enough time, sorry, sorry.”

While saying that, he made this face:


He doesn’t have time to put on a suit, but he does have time to go to war with bottle caps. Because that’s just how he rolls.

The moderator then explained: “You have a war to win,” suggesting that he doesn’t really have that much time to spend on trying to understand the lid of that bottle.

It’s true, of course. But he is winning so hard right now, he has called for Russia to offer an unconditional surrender.

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Also while at the WEF, Zelensky had trouble dealing with the Indian ruler of Britain, getting very agitated.

You’ll notice that he keeps glancing over at the water bottles with twist-off caps in that scene. I think it’s safe to say he was so agitated because he wanted to get back to his room and spend the night figuring out the mystery of the swing top.