The “Peace Plan” That Zelensky Presented at the WEF is Bonkers

I’ve just realized we didn’t publish much about the World Economic Forum meeting that is presently ongoing. I suppose I think people hear enough about that from everyone else. It’s become the very center of the boomer’s worldview that Klaus Schwab is the head of the global conspiracy.

The boomers still don’t want to say “Jew” and many of them whining about the WEF actually support Israel.

You see a lot of this:

I don’t appreciate that sort of material.

There were several viral clips from the event, including some woman saying that fishing is genocide.

That guy from the WHO said that they are planning for a “disease X” that doesn’t exist yet.

I kind of yawn at that, because I’ve been saying that all of this virus stuff is going to come back ever since it ended. But it’s important that they’re just saying it now.

There were several clips of the most Jewish looking woman I’ve ever seen.

It’s mostly Jews there.

Schwab is just a goy frontman for Jews. Nothing more.

David Cameron today released a video promoting both the Ukraine and Israel wars.

All of the Jewish shills are celebrating the Jewish shill Javier Milei supposedly “giving an F U” to the WEF.

This was obviously just a staged thing by Israel, which is promoting all of these “right-wing populist” leaders as “rebels against the system.” Milei is no different than Meloni. These people say all these things, then do nothing but shill for Israel.

He’s not only obsessed with Israel – immediately after being elected, Milei denounced Russia. That speech is garbage. Just more boomer gibberish.

The boomers keep posting this clip of a witch casting some kind of spell at the event.

I guess it’s important that these people are lunatics, who actually believe in all of that 1960s new age bullshit.

All of this was standard fare, really.

For me, the most important and most bizarre thing was Zelensky introducing a “peace plan.”

It’s difficult to understand how this was even real.

He showed up, again in his costume. Because he can fly to Switzerland and check into a hotel, but he doesn’t have time to put on a suit. This is the most sickening, absurd, childish thing, that all of these global leftists are so aroused by this man going around the world in his costume.

During his speech, he did not beg for money and weapons. This is the first time I’ve seen him do this. Instead, he touted his “peace plan,” which was simply incomprehensible.

The 3-point plan goes as follows:

  • Russia will totally leave the former Ukraine, including Crimea
  • Russia will pay reparations to the Ukraine for the war
  • Russia will submit its top authorities to a war crimes tribunal

No joke. You can go read the New York Times article about this, where they pretend this is somehow very serious business.

He met with high level officials from all over the Western world who endorsed this “peace plan.” It’s just remarkable. It’s difficult to believe it really happened.

Needless to say, this is not a “peace plan.” It is a demand by the losing party that the winning party offers an unconditional surrender.

These are the kinds of demands that would be made if the Ukraine military had sacked Moscow, and had the Kremlin surrounded. Presenting this as a serious “peace plan,” and having all of the media and politicians talk about this in a serious manner, is possibly the single most bizarre thing I’ve seen in my entire life (aside from child trannies).

In terms of what the purpose of this is… I don’t even know. I guess if I had to guess, I would guess that it’s intended to be a tonal shift to get people used to the idea that the war is ending, without actually telling them what the end of the war is going to necessarily entail: Russia keeping at least 20% of the former Ukraine.

However, it also shows that there is no serious move for a peace deal. Instead, what we are obviously going to get is something like we got at the end of the Korean War, which is that the war doesn’t actually end, the militaries just stop fighting. This way, the Ukraine can continue to claim that at some unspecified date in the future, they are going to take back all their lands, because they haven’t actually surrendered, they just stopped fighting.

In such a situation, the US could then claim that they won because Russia didn’t take over the entire Ukraine. Obviously, anyone who knows anything at all is aware that Russia was not ever attempting to take over the entire Ukraine, and reached a deal in Istanbul in spring of 2022 that would lead to them getting less territory than they have right now. But most people don’t know anything, and will go along with the idea that it was a big victory for the West that Russia didn’t conquer Kiev and then invade Poland.

However, there is some question as to whether or not Moscow will accept this kind of “frozen conflict” deal. They are saying they will not. Probably, they don’t really have any reason to. At the very least, it seems they would want to take Kharkov and probably Odessa before entering into this kind of agreement.

Of course, on the other side, if Russia doesn’t agree to a frozen conflict, then they risk an actual NATO invasion. So there is a reason Russia would agree to stop fighting, if the Ukraine effectively surrendered claims on the territory that Russia currently possesses.

That said, given that the Middle East is blowing up, and that fight has priority (because the West is run by the Jews), it’s a pretty safe bet that the West won’t fully commit to fighting a major war against Russia. If I were Putin, I would want both Odessa and Kharkov, and I would consider sacking Kiev and forcing the government to flee. I wouldn’t want to occupy Kiev, as that is where all of these “Ukraine nationalists” live, and there’s just no reason to deal with that.

As far as I was able to gather, the Jake Sullivan plan was to keep the war going until after the 2024 election, at which point he planned to send in NATO. However, this was before the Middle East blew up, and it’s simply not very likely that Israel would allow the US to commit to the Ukraine in this way while Israel is facing an existential crisis. Bibi wants the US military on standby to invade Iran. He doesn’t care about the Ukraine. And as we’ve seen in the last months, US foreign policy is run in secret by three people – Victoria Nuland, Antony Blinken, and Jake Sullivan – and they will defer to Bibi.