We’re Respecting the Irish Now

You seize power and they kill you. What does it mean? It means you didn’t seize enough power. God rest the Good President, but this is far from over.

Following certain specific revelations, the Daily Stormer is an Irish-respecting website now.

We have respect for diaspora and field Irish, and we hope to bring them all together again, in the arms of Mother Maria.

Metallica is not an Irish band. I don’t think anyone in the band is Irish. I don’t know why I’m thinking about Metallica lately. The last time I remember thinking about them was when someone asked me what I thought of their newest album, which was a horrifying and soul-wrenching moneygrab.

But their version of Whiskey in the Jar is good. It’s hard to take a traditional folk song and turn it into a pop metal song, but Metallica did that in the late 1990s. The video contains Irish themes of copious alcohol consumption and pointlessly destructive personal violence.

The video has semi-nudity in it, so I guess I need to warn people of that. I think we are all way desensitized, to the point where it is actually cute that this was considered edgy in the 1990s.

If you want to listen to the song without the video, just play it in a different tab.

I have always been a Metallica respecter, though I don’t like metal music generally. Classic Metallica is some strange territory where it is acceptable to non-metal fans and serious metal fans alike. It’s hard to think of bands like that. Probably Black Sabbath qualifies.

The original popular version of “Whiskey in the Jar” was also non-Irish, sung by a black man (nigger). The Thin Lizzy version was the precursor to the Metallica version, making the Metallica version possible.

Of course, there are traditional sounding versions you can listen to.

Probably the Dubliners’ version is most obvious.

The song is about robbing a government official while drunk, and then getting more drunk, and then being betrayed by a woman, and then going to prison, and being executed.

I think now that I’m writing about the Irish issue, Irish people from Ireland are going to take issue and defend themselves from some of these various assertions I’ve made. However, here’s the fact: field Irish do not have the entire Irish experience. Diaspora and captivity is a fundamental aspect of Irish identity that the field Irish have not fulfilled. I’m not saying they are not Irish, but they are Irish in the way that a fetus is a human. I believe a fetus is a human, but it is not fully developed.

We the diaspora have lived among the heathens, and we have suffered among them, and we understand the full meaning of being Irish in the way field Irish do not.

The field Irish should also understand that whether they like it or not, I am now their global representative and only defender. I am the one that is going to take over some government or other or otherwise gain significant influence and funnel them weapons for their various purposes. No one else is going to do that. The field Irish are just going to have to deal with the fact that I’ve assumed the position as the leader of all Irish people, and I’m their only shot at solving these problems.

Speaking of Irish pop music – Gaslight Anthem released an album yesterday.

It does not appear to be good at all. They looked up to Bruce Springsteen, not because he’s Irish, but because he’s from New Jersey (and probably because Greetings from Ashbury Park is so fucking good). They finally recorded a song with him, and it’s not good, and the video has literal niggers in it.

Come on, guys. Have a little respect for our struggle. When we got off the boats, the niggers were the first enemy.

It’s in the beginning of The Departed. The Jack Nicholson character talks about fighting with niggers, and says: “That’s what the niggers don’t realize. If I’ve got one thing against the black chappies, it’s this: no one gives it to ya. You have to take it.”

We took it.

Then, you know – they took it back.

People point to “no niggers, no Irish” signs and act like we have some shared struggle. Fuck you. “Shared struggle.” We fought and won. Where are the niggers? Oh – in shitty neighborhoods, killing each other for no reason anyone understands.

Who else is the leader of the Irish race, Irishman? Your faggot Paki “Tow-shiek”? Stfu. I’m in control now, of all Irish people. This officially starts and ends with me.

Lesson #1: Self-pity is the most destructive force in the human universe.

Furthermore, after *checks watch* less than 48 hours of self-conscious identity as the leader of the Irish race, I’m reconsidering marrying an Irish woman in order to propagate the Irish race. In fact, we may well unite and take over. The global order that is collapsing is Anglo-Jewish. The obvious new global order is Sino, but why shouldn’t it be Irish? At the very least, the Eire should be controlling Europe and the American East Coast, and managing one pole of a multi-polar world.

Do you understand how close we came to this?

Do you know what they did?

Look at it.

If you want to know why, look at his policies on Israel and his statements about a certain German leader with a mustache.

Is that the end?

If not, then what is the response?