West Literally Tells Ukraine Two More Weeks to Slow the Spread of Russians

The only US strategy in the Ukraine is to keep this conflict going as long as possible, in order to cause as much death, destruction, and displacement as possible.

Zelensky is of course simply a puppet, literally a paid Jewish actor. So he is working with the West to continue to give false hope to the population, and to whatever remains of his own fighting forces. Aside from Azov, which is about to be slaughtered in Mariupol, and the people surrounding Zelensky in Kiev, most of the fighting forces are surrendering.

But this is all being covered up not just by the Western media, but even more so by the totally controlled Ukrainian media (Zelensky long ago banned all opposition media, because it was against democracy).

This is the single most cynical war strategy ever employed by anyone, ever.

New York Post:

Russian troops facing fierce opposition by Ukrainian forces may only be able to sustain their onslaught for another 10 days to two weeks before their situation deteriorates due to dwindling equipment and manpower, according to a new report Tuesday.

The Daily Mail, citing defense sources in the United Kingdom, reported that Ukraine’s defenders have the Russian army “on the run” and predicted that “the strength of Ukraine’s resistance should become greater than Russia’s attacking force” in a matter of days.

Despite Western predictions before the war that the Russian army would quickly overrun Ukraine, Moscow has only managed to capture one major city since the invasion began on Feb. 24.

Yeah, it was Western predictions that they would beat the Ukraine in 72 hours. The media constantly acts as though Russia announced this. In actuality, the war is going exactly as Russians planned for it to go. There haven’t been any surprises.

All of that is just absurd media hype.

A US defense official said Monday the Ukrainians have “effectively struck at the Russian logistics and sustainment capabilities​.​”

“As we’ve said all along, they’ve been quite creative here,” the official told reporters. “They’re not simply going after combat capability — tanks and armored vehicles and shooting down aircraft. Although they’re doing all that, they are also deliberately trying to impede and prevent the Russians’ ability to sustain themselves​.”​

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky noted the ​difficulty Moscow is having Tuesday, praising “our brave defenders” for “continu[ing] to inflict devastating losses on Russian troops.”​​

“Our brave defenders” are the new healthcare workers.