What Did The Jetsons Get Right About the Year 2022?

Today is George Jetson’s birthday, and analysts are analyzing what the show got right and what it got wrong.

Analysts say that they didn’t predict that the United States would be analized. They also didn’t predict niggers everywhere just attacking and killing everyone and it being completely legal.

They did not predict junkie tent cities taking over the downtown areas of every major metropolis.

They didn’t predict that the nuclear family would be systematically disbanded through a comprehensive series of attacks by the Jews.

And there are no flying cars and everyone is poor. Instead of happiness and joy, people feel misery and loathing.

Technology has not made anyone’s life easier, and has in fact made everyone’s life into a living hell. America is an open-air prison run by a dim-witted oligarchy, and it is apparently attempting to completely collapse its own economic system, or is accidentally doing that, or maybe some combination.

America has food shortages and can’t print books because there isn’t any paper. Everyone is fat and diseased, and all of the kids are trannies.

Other than that, analysts say, The Jetsons got almost everything exactly right. For example, people exist, and people eat food made by machines. Also, some people have dogs. And people watch sports and read the news.