White Genocide Pill to Fight Coronavirus: Men Must Become Femmes, Women Must Become Barren

The strange intersection between coronavirus and White Genocide continues.

It looks like elites are now preparing to push the female contraceptive pill on everyone. Yes, men included.

Why? Because it “helps protect against coronavirus.”

Daily Telegraph:

Women who take the pill are less likely to develop serious coronavirus, a major new study has found, helping explain why men have suffered worse from the disease.

Analysis of more than half a million women by King’s College London during May and June has identified the crucial role of oestrogen in protecting against Covid-19.

Scientists established that those taking the combined oral contraceptive pill were on average 13 per cent less likely to develop serious symptoms.

Dr Karla Lee, who co-led the new study, said: “We hypothesised that pre-menopausal women with higher estrogen levels would have less severe Covid-19 when compared to women of the same age and BMI who had been through the menopause, and our findings supported this.

“Additionally, when we compared a younger group of women on the combined oral contraceptive pill [COCP] with a similar group not taking the COCP, we saw less severe Covid amongst those taking the COCP, suggesting hormones in the COCP may offer some protection against Covid-19.

So women will be encouraged to take the pill, making them less fertile. Men will be encouraged to take estrogen, making them less manly. Perfect conditions for speeding up White Genocide.