White Guy Mass Shooting??? 22 Confirmed Dead???

Note: It’s 11:44 EST. Probably by the time you read this, they will have already caught him, and the death toll we be increased. It’s also possible/probable they will have produced some “white supremacy” or “MAGA” – or maybe even pro-Palestine – manifesto of some sort. I’m going to sleep for a while and then I have a thing, so I probably won’t update until tomorrow.


We’ve got a hot one!

White guy, loose, already racked up a score of 22??

I’ve got to take a nap, but basically, when I see “recently released from a mental facility,” I think it’s probably some kind of mind control candidate – more of this Sandy Hoax bullshit the feds do constantly.

At best, without going so far, someone on those brain-drugs that make you commit murders.

A lot of psychiatric drugs say on the label something to the effect that they increase the likelihood you’ll “harm yourself or others.”

Virtually every mass shooter is on SSRI “anti-depressants” and a lot of people who commit other violent crimes are as well.

It’s not a conspiracy theory.

It IS a conspiracy theory that the feds stage these events on purpose to cause social unrest and a desire for gun control.

This claim absolutely meets the definition of “conspiracy theory.”

It’s also probably true.

New York Post:

The person of interest in the Maine mass shooting that left at least 22 people dead is a trained firearms instructor who spent two weeks in a mental health facility over the summer, according to law enforcement sources.

Robert Card, 40, was the subject of a massive manhunt in connection to the horrific carnage in the city of Lewiston on Wednesday night, the local police department announced.

Card is from Bowdoin, Maine, and is believed to be an Army Reservist stationed out of Saco, Maine, sources told The Post.

He suffered from mental health issues, including recently reporting “hearing voices” and threatened to shoot up the military training base in Saco, sources said.

Over the summer he was committed to a mental health facility and released after a two-week stay, sources additionally said.

Having studied these mass shootings since they started happening, it’s just too weird of a thing.

Here’s something you can consider: there used to be all these “serial killers” (which was also an inexplicable concept, because like, why?), and then it switched to mass shooters (spree killers).

These aren’t really natural and don’t make any sense. The only mass killings that make political sense are the Islamic ones, as they state that they’re doing it in response to war in the Middle East fueled by the West (yes, Israel is responsible for all acts of Islamic terror in the West, not just 911).

I find these sorts of “flash violence – WOW” news stories very tedious. There is nothing more tedious than watching live news coverage during a mass shooting. But hey – I’m sure some of you are watching it as you read this, so if that’s your thing, who I am to judge?

I just find it exhausting when people are trying to make me feel emotions about the death of someone I’ve never met. I’m sorry – I have zero emotions about someone I’ve never met dying. I don’t have those emotional reserves. I’m not going to drain the emotional reserves that I need for my own people who are in my life on strangers.

Please note that feeling sad about strangers dying does not help the dead or their families. It does nothing but drain you, for no reason. This whole “oh the horror” thing is very Jewish.