Israel Bombs Same Refugee Camp Two Days in a Row! Jews Think It’s Funny!

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When you saw all of those supposed “Jew comedians” out there crying their eyes out about how people need to feel more sorry for them, you, like myself, probably thought, “oh, no. The Jews have lost their sense of humor. Now this is all going to get even worse.”

Take heed.

The Jews have not lost their sense of humor. It’s just gotten much darker.


Israeli forces killed another Hamas commander on Wednesday in their second strike on Gaza’s largest refugee camp in two days, the military said, as the first group of civilian evacuees from the besieged enclave crossed into Egypt.

In that lede, “the military said” is read parenthetically.

The Jews at Reuters are printing copy for the IDF.

Pressing their offensive against Hamas militants, Israel again bombed the densely populated Gaza Strip from land, sea and air in its campaign to destroy the Islamist group after its deadly cross-border rampage into southern Israel on Oct. 7.

Palestinians sifted through rubble in a desperate hunt for people trapped underneath after Wednesday’s Israeli strike on the Jabalia refugee camp, located in the urban sprawl of north Gaza. “It is a massacre,” said one witness of the strike.

There was no immediate word on possible casualties from the second explosion, which came a day after Palestinian health officials said an Israeli air strike had killed about 50 people and wounded 150 there.

The Israeli military later issued a statement saying its fighter jets had struck a Hamas command and control complex in Jabalia “based on precise intelligence“, killing the head of the Islamist group’s anti-tank missile unit, Muhammad A’sar.

“Hamas deliberately builds its terror infrastructure under, around and within civilian buildings, intentionally endangering Gazan civilians,” the statement said.

I can’t believe they’re still issuing statements about human shields.

Look, this is not a super complicated concept: if Israel is willing to kill an unlimited number of civilians, then human shields have no strategic purpose.

The entire concept of a human shield is that it will prevent the enemy from shooting at you, because the enemy doesn’t want to kill an innocent.

Watch that scene in Heat (1995) where Tom Sizemore is fleeing the botched bank job and picks up a little kid. The idea is, no one is going to shoot him if he’s holding a kid. It’s at 11:35 on this clip:

Al Pacino’s character takes the shot despite the kid, which is telling you something about his character (it’s the whole exhausted “cops are no different than criminals” bit). So Tom Sizemore dies. I wanted a shorter clip, but every time I tried various searches for “Heat Tom Sizemore death,” I get the fact that he died earlier this year – at 61! A sudden death! Did we report this?? We probably did. But wow. The other thing that came up was a TMZ type paparazzi clip of him talking to camera guys on the street “hours before his sudden death.” He looks totally normal.


Anyway, this article is not about Jews killing people with shots, it’s about Jews killing people with bombs.

The concept of a human shield is important to understand here though, and it’s important that when your enemy is willing to kill excess innocents, the human is no longer a shield.

The Israeli claim of human shields is at least exaggerated and used as an excuse to purposefully target civilians, which is what they are doing at this refugee camp.

There is no Hamas guy there. The refugees are the target.