White House Says Iran “Actively Facilitating” Attacks on Americans – War on the Table


It was Iran all along!

How did we not know this???

Oh – we did know this??

The Shiite belt was created explicitly by American wars???




Makes sense, I guess.

New York Post:

The White House on Monday said Iran was in some cases “actively facilitating” rocket and drone attacks by Iranian-backed proxy groups on US military bases in Iraq and Syria, and President Biden has directed the Department of Defense to brace for more and respond appropriately.

Why are there US military bases in Iraq and Syria?

Are they just there to get hit with Iran-backed rockets?

Because that would be pretty diabolical.

White House spokesman John Kirby said there had been an uptick in such attacks over the last week, and especially over the last few days, but the US would not allow threats to its interests in the region to “go unchallenged.”

He said the United States believed these groups were supported by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) and the Iranian government, which was also continuing to support the Hamas and Hezbollah militant groups.

We know Iran’s goal is to maintain some level of deniability here, but we’re not going to allow them to do that,” Kirby said. “We also are not going to allow any threat to our interests in the region to go unchallenged.”

There isn’t really a huge level of “deniability,” I don’t think. I’ve never met anyone who claimed that Iran was not funding Hezbollah and Hamas.

There is probably a kind of autonomy that Hamas and Hezbollah operate under. I don’t think every single decision is coming from Tehran. But, you know, Iran is responsible for choosing these people and then funding them and giving them autonomy.

So, yeah, I think we’re pretty much all on the same page as far as all of that.

The real question becomes: is it okay what Israel is doing to Palestine? Is it okay to genocide the local population of a Middle East state so you can build your Jew state on top of their graves?

And there is a moral question. I don’t really believe in moral questions in geopolitics, but these have sort of always been a thing.

But, for the adults in the room, the question is: “What is going to be the result of this, and is ‘standing with Israel’ in our interests?”

The answer is obvious “the result is going to be war, and that is definitely not in our interests.”

The logical thing to do, right now, if you cared about America and the future of the Western world, would be to break off diplomatics with Israel completely, and maybe even to actively side with Iran and their allies against Israel.

Of course, America can’t do that, because the entire American state is controlled by the Jews, who, obviously, have allegiance to Israel.

Furthermore, outside of the scope of the immediate conflict, this is a part of the bigger Jewish and Zionist-American global domination agenda. So, in that sense, it’s an extension of the war in Ukraine, the proposed war in Taiwan, and so on. The “Ultra-War.” Or, I guess you could just call it the “World War,” but “Ultra-War” sounds cooler. (It is also known as “World War Anus” by many, given that “support for anal sex with men and boys” is the defining moral and philosophical variable between the two sides.)

Washington is 100% committed to this Anal Ultra-War, which is with Russia and China in the name of the “post-Cold War unipolar order.” And obviously, the Moslems that the US is against are all mobbed up with Russia and China, and Russia and China have become increasingly directly hostile towards Israel’s ambitions in their language.

I’m not going to do a whole 1,000-word refresher of all that right now, as I’m still exhausted from yesterday and I have a brain tumor, but yeah, it’s a part of the big war, and that means the US is committed on some level.

In real terms – “of the here and now” – I think you’re not going to see anything immediate. I think there is a real chance that the US could pull out of the Ukraine totally (or, I guess, mostly) and then try their hand at another war with Moslems. But that’s not happening tomorrow, as a part of the series of events related to the Hamas attack.

The West has no plans for any of this. I think they are relying on AI for decision-making.